Intro to Networked Collaboration

Networked collaboration Affecting government operations

I find wikileak to be an interesting example of networked collaboration within our government because it hurts the government as well as helps it.  Obviously, the government is being exposed for unethical behavior, but this exposure also leads to the fixing of the problems and corrupt behavior.  It not only keeps citizens informed of crooked activities, but this network also keeps people within the company or department informed.  Since the data is collaborated through many different people, it all has the opportunity to feed into the chain of events.  For example, one scandal might be the root of another scandal.  The second one occurs because of the first one.  Through a site like this, you are more able to learn about more than one event. These events might be leading to a similar or directly related outcome.  This can either hurt or help the government, depending on what actions are taken by the now informed citizens and officials.

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