Intro to Networked Collaboration

Virtual Learning Environment

It is amazing what the virtual teaching environment is capable of doing to enrich the learning experience.  It not only allows for thoughts and ideas to be transported globally through words and paragraphs, but it allows for emotions, thoughts, expressions, and experience to be exchanged through music, videos, and images.  A classroom environment can capture this only to the extent of the classroom walls.  A virtual teaching environment involves people from all over the world to share interests, ideas, and experiences.  Through this diversity, students learn about the topic of discussion and also about different cultures, value systems, and how things are viewed differently.  It even increases collaboration through generations, allowing those who might not be able to get to the school during classroom hours, to share their information and experiences.
Through a virtual environment, students and teachers are able to share an abundance of resources that would not be available in the classroom.  They can easily sample and transport different resources.  All the information is relatively up to date compared to the average textbook that takes a year and a half to get published.

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