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Before the end comes i wanted to say…

so before the semester ends i wanted to just post a few things that i have not had time to do.

first the SL event at the Pencil Factory. I really liked this event because not only was there so much interaction with all the students but we got to participate in a discussion and also  got to play around with really cool things. i am not really a wordy person so i have photos from the events. i think aside from getting RL sick it was a successful event.

second i wanted to talk about jump-cut and the mash up. i think all and all i did enjoy working with jump cut. i there are a lot of things that need to be worked on but for the most part it was fun. the direction that stacey, arielle & plumeria i did was fun. we were able to explore the world and see lots of plants. haha. we also got to play around with different kinds of music which is cool because it opens and lets us explore new things.

of all the classes i have taken this was my favorite.

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Exploring SL

I did some more SL exploration and figured out how to take photos!  Here are three:

The first is on Orientation Island (I love that I was able to sit next to the parrot on his perch!)  The second is in the Buddha Garden on Support for Healing Island.  What a beautiful place!  I took a look at their schedule of events and they have support groups for a variety of issues… depression, bereavement, bi-polar disorder, and more.  The third pic is from the Pot Healer Adventure, which I am loving!  I played a lot of exploration/fantasy computer games as a kid, and this Island takes me back to my childhood.   (Did anyone ever play “The Perils of Rosella?”  Good stuff.)

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Organized Meetings in Second Life – Search for Spirituality w Kavya and Nancy

Once Kavya and I became accustomed to navigating the landscape of Second Life we decided to be more focused about what to look for since it is easy to spend hours of time aimlessly exploring the environment.  One of our interests was how spirituality can be presented in a virtual world.  Since Second Life is so vast we did some research beforehand.

Google is a helpful tool to find general information about areas in Second Life, but the application itself has a search box in the upper right of the GUI.  If you click the magnifying glass icon a tabbed search tool pops up that allows you to enter search terms such as “mosque”, “mystic” “Buddha” or “church.”   You can then choose from a number of places to explore by teleporting to them.

We visited Mystica, SL address: Mystica 27, 228, 3 – Land of Light, a Muslim area.  We were able to listen to the Koran and change our outfits to those of dervishes and tried a whirl or two.  There was also the capability to download audio readings of the Koran.

Whirling dervish

Whirling dervish

Later on I  was looking for more of a community experience and found This is a Christian church that exists in the bricks and mortar world that also offers online meetings.  The website is clearly organized.  I was able to find a schedule of the meetings and teleported to a live service on a Sunday morning.  SL address: Experience Island 163, 132, 27 on Second Life on Second Life

The sound and video quality were good.  There was conversation back and forth via instant messages during the message, people felt free to comment or ask questions.  In the crowd were Christians, the curious, atheists, and elfs.  Afterwards we were able to mingle in the virtual lobby, eat donuts and drink coffee and chat about the message of the speaker. also provided a separate conventional chat room to continue discussions.

Live stream of a spiritual message

Live stream of a spiritual message

The benefits that I see for online spiritual communities is the ability to reach out and serve those who might be unable to physically attend a religious service due to health or even social restrictions.  And it can serve as an educational tool for those who want to explore religion and spirituality.

A sample video

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SL (Second Life)

Well the first time I ever even herd of Second Life was in the Office when Dwight was explaining to the camera team about how awesome his first life was that he had created a second life account because it was that awesome. (Anyone know what I’m talking about?)


Anyways, so when the class was assigned to join the second life community I thought that it would be interesting to see what all of this is about. 

In a sense second life reminds me of the game “The Sims” (note: not SimCity, or SimTower, or any of those other “Sim” games but The Sim’s). For those of you who don’t know what “The Sims” is its basically a game where you build a family or person/couple and control there life. The control there actions, pick and chose a career for them (if you want your Sim to have a career) and build a house for him/her. The most major difference I can think of between the 2 is that with the Sims you can buy expantion packs to get new things and with Second Life you earn it in a sense or can spend money to do so. Also Second Life you can fly. But at one point the Sims even allowed you to go online and interact with other Sims that are real people. 

Anyways, so I have been playing around with Second Life for some time now and have found it very interesting. Again it brings me back to the days of when I played the Sims.  So I found my self in the basic intro realm and was exploring. I found the whole experience very interesting. I had tried to communicate with other people but failed miserably. I’m not sure if I was doing it correctly that led to my failure but non the less I did explore. Unsure how to transfer to different realms and parts of Second Life I stumbled upon a link for Second Life vs. reality weight challenge.

The link had me sign into second life and I was teleported to this new world. Trying to explore the new word I found my self at the bottom of the sea floor and flying back up onto ground. 

I suppose this world that I was in was a world for an art gallery. Any how so when I signed back into SL I found that things had changed in the world. There was more art, different art and still no one to be found.


Second life is interesting but I don’t think I will use it to much after this class.

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Second Life: With Kids!

Two of the kids I babysit for, a girl and a boy, 9 and 6 respectively, are super techy. SO, I decided that the three of us we were going to do second life, together. This proved to be a wonderful idea, as the kids LOVED it, I got to see a different take on the game besides my own, and, of course, they were entertained.

We made our avatar, a mash-up of the three of us–a boy with long hair and glasses–and were getting ready to play. Next up, chatting. I felt a little weird chatting with complete strangers with both the kids, but it was fine! We talked to someone in Canada about their avatar–they seemed to have overridden some codes and uploaded a photo to make their avatar an amalgamism of two people in their family. 

We didn’t know any of the shorthand chat, but at first I thought that would be okay, because I grew up using AOL Instant Messenger, and so I thought “I know all those online abbreviations.” Boy, what I wrong. The ONLY one that I knew was “IM,” and almost everyone knows that anyway. So, we learned “TP”–teleport, “L$”–the currency of SL, “AR”–abuse report, and plenty of others.

I wasn’t great at moving quickly, but the kids were all over it. (Should I be surprised?) Naturally, they were also super consumed by the economics of the game, that is, I wanted to save money to buy real estate, and they just wanted to buy whatever they saw.

Overall, we had a great time playing it; I have a feeling they’re going to want to do it again.

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