Intro to Networked Collaboration

Planning the Project

Tracy and I were just discussing how we were going to go about doing the class project while we were on Second life.  We’re both a bit nervous about how to approach it, but I think we’ve worked out a rough schedule about how to get things done.  I am very excited to see where our creativity will lead us to.

Heres: a snipet of our conversation.

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: put we could use random photos

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: of places

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: people

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: things

[18:17]  You: I can post the first one

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: it doesnt have to be cohesive does it

[18:17]  You: I’ve never done it before, have you?

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: just look “good”

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: nope

[18:17]  You: Its a creation of collaborated art

[18:18]  You: It doesn’t even have to look good.

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: then we should be fine

[18:18]  You: beuaty isn’t what we’re going for

[18:18]  You: the interest of the collaboration

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: lol

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: ok

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: you post for

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: and ill try to give some thought to it before posting my add on

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: maybe something can happen organically

[18:19]  You: I will try to post this Monday

[18:19]  You: exactly

[18:19]  You: ‘If not, for sure on Wednesday.

[18:19]  You: Tuesday I am flying and I’m not sure what will happen

[18:19]  Terez Nightfire: no worries

[18:19]  You: Excellent1

[18:19]  Terez Nightfire: would it be easier for me to post first over the weekend?

[18:20]  Terez Nightfire: either way im fine

[18:20]  You: do you know how to capture some of this, to put on the blog?

[18:20]  You: this is definitely credit

[18:20]  Terez Nightfire: yes i will capture screen shot of conversation

[18:20]  You: Fantstic!

[18:21]  You: Smile!

[18:21]  You: Did it work?

[18:21]  Terez Nightfire: no

[18:21]  Terez Nightfire: 🙂

[18:21]  You: Can we copy and paste?

[18:22]  You: It says snapshot on the bottom of my screen

[18:22]  You: It says I can take a shot and add it to a disk or inventory

[18:23]  Terez Nightfire: i saved a bitmap to my harddrive

[18:23]  You: It says I just saved a snapshot to my harddrive

[18:23]  Terez Nightfire: but its not text

[18:23]  Terez Nightfire: its a snapshot of secondlife page

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