Intro to Networked Collaboration

Networked Collaboration affecting business environments

Networked collaboration has enabled businesses and industries to reach global audiences as well as people who might not have even been apart of the audience.  The internet and networked collaboration have allowed people and products to connect through ‘six degrees of separation’.  Someone knowing someone or being interested in something, creates a network of communication referring the other party to the other person or product.  Businesses can reach masses of people through one initial person or page.
The environment and exchange are affected through the simple idea of, how do we communicate when the audiences are so diverse?  We talk to our mothers in a different way than we talk to our best friends.  This is also true for business relationships.  As a manger, you speak differently to your boss than you do to your subordinates.  Not only must a certain level of caution be used when distributing a mass e-mail, but a degree of language awareness must be observed when considering who you are speaking to in individual e-mails.
Another factor to consider when looking at how the business environment and communication exchange is affected through networked collaboration is looking at the cost.  It is VERY low.  It can almost serve as free advertising and marketing.  WOM (Word of Mouth) is the most effective way to build your customer database.  Networked collaboration is WOM at its best.

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