Intro to Networked Collaboration

First Week Assignment

“What are some of the social networks you use and why do you use them?”

“How have technologies like sms/text messaging, youtube, and myspace changed the way that we interact?”

The social networking age has dropped on me like a pile of bricks recently; within the last two years I am sms-ing at breakneck speed, facebooking everyday, a myspace page i never look at, you-tubing more than watching TV and the ever-present, nerve-wrecking expectation that I should already be blogging about my band, or have an itunes page, or at least a video on you-tube nags at my conscience constantly. You see I’m trying to lead a band of 20-somethings, who already know about most of this but aren’t willing to do the PR, and at 35 I’m still kinda impressed with the notion of a cell phone. It is overwhelming and intimidating to me, yet the possibilities of marketing to so many without the need for money or connections is exhilerating. I am intrigued.

I am also living in Norway and have needed to stay in touch with family and friends in the US while having to create a social network here in Trondheim quickly and efficiently. I couldn’t have accomplished these tasks with speed and efficiency if I had moved in 2000 (at least I couldn’t), yet today I have been able to use e-mail chatting and Skype to speak with family across an ocean without any delays or cost. And I have been able to meet and stay in touch with over 80 people in Trondheim, Norway by utilizing Facebook.  It is exciting to be living in what Henry Jenkin’s describes as a “Renaissance culture”. And I think our interactions with each other and expectations of one another have been radically transformed by our recent ability to inform one another about every aspect of our lives in real-time.

“I have developed these concepts of media and cultural convergence to describe the present moment as a kind of Renaissance culture, one being transformed — for both better and worse — as the social, cultural, political, and legal institutions respond to the destabilization created by media change” (Jenkins, Henry. “Media Convergence.”)

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