Intro to Networked Collaboration

So i posted my first video and…well i think the website is a cool idea…but a little weird. I guess I’m just not used to the idea of recording myself and seeing everything. Weird…


I think Seemic is a great tool because I can do videos for my family and friends back at home so everyone knows how I am doing. It’s also its a great way to have my parents stop IMing me on AIM ūüôā


So that was my little rant and the end.

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Week 1 Assignment!!

Q. What are some of the social networks you use and why do you use them?

Yeah so I’ve never used the wordpress type of blogging before but it somewhat like LiveJournal.


So some of the social networks that I use/used are:

LiveJournal, Facebook, Myspace, text/SMS, Friendster, & AIM/Skype/Adium.

For the ones I use:

Facebook РI like facebook because I can be able to connect with students and meet people that go to the same school that I do. It also prevents people from viewing your profile without being your friend. 

Myspace – I don’t use this one so much but I have some friends on this that don’t use facebook. I sign on so that I can be connected to them too.¬†

AIM/Skype/Adium – I love to use AIM/Skype/Adium as a chatting tool so that I can¬†instantly¬†chat with friends so I don’t have to deal with long distance fees. The best part all of them offer the ability to video chat so that its like talking to the person face to face. ¬†¬†

Oh and if you count SMS/Text Messagesing and emailing via phone as a social networking tool then I do a lot of that too. Its the¬†quickest¬†and¬†easiest¬†ways for me to be able to contact my friends and family on the other coast. ūüôā

The ones I don’t use:

LiveJournal РLike any other kind of blog I once used this. I met some interesting people on it and people who had many interest as I do. Although I had the ability who was allowed to see my post I felt so forced to update it every second of my life. I also lost interest in blogging.   

Friendster РLike Myspace it is a social networking website. Before Myspace was born or introduced to me I was on this. When I found out of myspace and I soon learned that a lot of my friends were on myspace and so I joined. 

I think that the Internet is addicting as it is, and to have another social network, blog, or addicting website to add to my list of places to visit is not on my list of things to do. In other words I don’t need more distractions though out my day before I do my homework.

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