Intro to Networked Collaboration

Women for Networked Collaboration: Our Mashup Presentation

What a project!! And quite a test at learning collaboration, with my partner being on the other side of the country! And an ocean between us at one point!

Well, Andrea and I got along quitewell in collaboration efforts. It all started when she presented a video with pictures of the work of Artimisia Gentileschi , a female Italian Early Baroque painter who painted scenes and issues that were not “allowed” at this time for women to cover. I’m usually not one to address women’s issues, since I’ve been lucky to encounter few obstacles in my own life where gender has been an issue, but seeing this jumpcut and learning about the painter inspired me to build from that video, using Artimisia as an example of media empowering women’s efforts. We used her story as inspiration to introduce the Internet as a weapon for uniting and enforcing the intentions of women still fighting for equal rights.

Instead of building directly from each video, each time one of use completed a short mash-up, we would send it to the other for inspiration. I would take a look at the last thing Andrea did, perhaps make some changes or additions to it, and then make an entirely separate video build from the same or similar themes. She did the same, and our system worked well except for technical difficulties that came from error’s jumpcut has been having.

We planned to add all the videos together in sequence as a “set” for our final presentation, however this feature on Jumpcut caused us all sorts of problems. So, instead we’ve uploaded our videos to a group on Jumpcut, Women for Networked Collaboration, and this way you can take a look at all of our video’s in the same place, and the group can continue efforts towards online collaboration for womens rights beyond our jumpcut assignment.


Andrea used some great pictures of Artimisia and her painting, with titled themes and remarks between them to tap into questions and philosophy about Feminism. I thought she did a beautiful job overlapping the images, especially in Part II.

I decided to hit-up the footage already available on jumpcut (I love the idea of mashing all this freeshare footage together in ways very different from the footage’s original purpose). I got clips of gunny-pigs, and women’s rights campaigns, broken bottles, and resort spa’s and manages to fit them together with the message we had to get out: “Women, start looking to the Internet if you need a place to go to meet people, find information, or participate in activism when other opportunities may not be available; especially for mom’s strapped down in the home.”

I could have seen this assignment going in so many different directions, and that was the fun in building a project together with a partner, using the web’s great abyss of resources as our building blocks.



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Mashup – Erin & Berry

Berry and I began our project with a single photo of some railroad tracks.  I cut the photo in half and spliced in another photo of a single set of railroad tracks with a railroad crossing sign.  Berry turned the photo into a movie clip with some narration that begins, “Much of the world’s freight is transported by train.”  He later added some music and some photo clips of brick walls with graffiti.  I am an audio editing fanatic, so I mashed up some railroad sounds, some other music clips, and a couple of my own vocals with Berry’s audio.  (I used my favorite audio editing program, Adobe Audition– if you do audio editing on a regular basis, I highly recommend it!)  I also love Windows Movie Maker, so I recorded Berry’s existing video clip with CamStudio (video capture software) and loaded it into WMM to do some editing.  I added a lot of effects and transitions, and spliced in some more train shots, interspersed among the shots of the graffitied wall.  Berry’s original audio track ends with this verse:

She had a mental problem
She couldn’t concentrate
She was her own delusion
She was her own mistake
She did a lot of acid
To put the voices down
And one day on her birthday
They found her hanging upside down

It sort of felt to me like these words were describing the face on the graffiti wall that Berry had uploaded, so this video sort of morphed into a piece about a girl’s life that was careening towards its end in the same way that a train careens across a trestle.  I played around with splicing images of the face with images of a train approaching.  I tacked the opening “Much of the world’s freight is transported by train” onto the end again because “freight” and “transported” seemed to have a different significance in the context of a girl ending her own life.

I’m still not able to upload video to Jumpcut– sorry!  The video seems to play the best on Facebook, but you have to be logged in to see it:

I also put it on Jaycut here: but sometimes it doesn’t load all the way to the end… not sure why!

I’m also about to attempt to convert it to a Quicktime file and put it on my own site here: but I’m going to publish this post first so I get it in by midnight!!!  Hopefully this last link will be up within 20 minutes and one of the three will work for you!  Thanks for a fantastic class, everyone!


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Jumpcut debrief

I really enjoyed the jumpcut process.  I’ve made a film before in film class, but it required super expensive software.  Now I can make little film clips for free!

The sharing/edit process was interesting too.  Our group met in Second Life after Rafi’s lecture and decided to do “landmarks from around the world” theme, since we are all in different places (or correction, we could be in different places, but in reality, I’m the only person in our group not in New York).  Then we all experimented with finding photos and jumpcut and discovered that we didn’t really know how to use it or share the video.

On one day, we tried to meet again to discuss our progress in Second Life but that didn’t work cause Arielle’s computer wouldn’t support Second Life.  Next we tried a three-way Skype conference call, then a chat in AIM, but failed to be able to converse with more than two of us a a time.  However, I did get to meet both Stephanie and Arielle over Skype separately which was fun.  I had already met Stacey in our first Skype project.

So after asking Josephine how to share the jumpcut, I put together several images of natural landmarks is distinctive natural forms and send it to my group.  Stacey did a cool interjection of buildings within this clip I had sent.  I saw she had edited my transitions & effects, and at first I was surprised, but then I liked the changes, and realized that that was the point of sharing the video anyway.

Stephanie added an interesting bit from her trip to Japan, while Arielle added the New York scene & some clips from Israel.  I thought the dance club music was a humorous accompaniment to the Italian masterpieces show.  Stacey added a France bit, then we had a botanical garden from I don’t know where, a California show, and I added an Alaska bit.

I wanted to Remix the Alaska scenes in, but felt overwhelmed by the amount of images that everyone had added.  I also ran in to some glitches where if I added an effect or image in the middle of already existent ones, sometimes only half the image of all the remaining ones would show, or the music wouldn’t play.  Even just adding the wrong effect to your own video sometimes skews the remaining images so only half of each image shows.  I also noticed that some of my images sneaked into the earlier video without me consciously doing that;  I think there is a lava shot in the middle of the New York tour.

All in all, this was a fun project and I will enjoy exploring Jumpcut and making more use of it for future educational or inspirational endeavors.

Our project can be viewed here.

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Final Project – Mash up


Above is a link to the conversation Rohit and I had concerning our final project via Facebook Chat. This was just a day after Rohit had returned from Bangkok and he told me about his experience. It is very interesting and it also gave me a unique perspective looking at the photos he had uploaded onto Jumpcut. I felt very isolated and safe listening to his story and looking at the photos and i uploaded a video that expressed those feelings to me. It worked very well with music that Rohit downloaded… we added photos and tweaked the audio and placed words in the frames as well as splicing up the original video. I really like the ‘Ken Burns’ fade-outs and the way my video was spliced thru the photos in the end.  My computer is giving me problems with the sound but Rohit sais the audio works fine; the audio is a combination of added tracks by Rohit and audio by me off the pre-recorded videos… I really like the end result and I think it was fascinating to work on this project with Rohit, particularly to hear about his experience in the midst of a government crushing protest, but also to create art with someone thousands of miles away. I look forward to doing it again! Here’s a link to our film:

Hope y’all enjoy!

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jumpcut final project

So working on this final project has been an interesting experience.  Our group ended up with 4 members which is good from the perspective of having lots of ideas and input. On the down side it made scheduling any group meetings difficult.

After the initial email process of connecting as a group, we tried to connect a few times in secondlife. The most successful of those for me was the time we stayed in the theatre on funksoup island after the class meeting in secondlife.  Plumeria and Stephanie have already described this meeting on the blog, so I won’t go into detail. There was a second, secondlife meeting will the three other group members that I unfortunately missed, which seemed to be successful as well.

During our secondlife meeting we discussed theme ideas for the final mashup project and decided to take photos of locations in which we live or have visited and put together a jumpcut of locations with still images and sound.

Plumeria started the file with some beautiful shots of hawaii. All of her images were of nature in some way… ocean, volcano, tree.  I had planned on using some images from a recent trip to france and after seeing Plumeria’s images I decided to use only images of stone and steel construction from france in direct contrast to the nature of Hawaii.

The process of using jumpcut was fairly simple.  The site is pretty user friendly.  That said I probably should have watched some sort of tutorial before jumping in.  I started editing the clip Plumeria started and was playing around and ended up messing up some of the settings she used on her images. At first I was a bit worried about this and then I realized that this is part of the process.  Anything I add is changing the piece so if I changed some of her original settings, it was OK.  The other members of our group will probably change my settings when they add their images, and that’s OK too.

Once I finished editing the images, transitions, actions etc… I tried to edit the audio.  Plumeria had added an audio file and I tried to add an Edith Piaf (famous french singer) song for my images thinking it would be neat to have different music for the different images but it didn’t work.  Once I uploaded the audio, it played both files at the same time. Turns out (as far as I know) you can’t restrict the audio per image at least using jumpcut’s features. I ended up just removing the Piaf file so it wouldn’t be confusing for a viewer.

So at this point, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with our project and how it changes through the process.  Who knows, maybe another jumpcut user will edit or remix our work… wouldn’t that be interesting!  That’s it for now.

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