Intro to Networked Collaboration

Final Project and documentation

So here we are, the final stretch of our project that more than once seemed to be an almost impossible task.  It was a lot of fun, though problems and technical errors persisted throughout the whole process.  These setbacks came in all aspects of the procedure; starting with the posting of photos and being able to share them with each other, then progressing into the publishing of the film as we created it, and finished with the audio disappearing the day it was due.  But alas, here we are, and all has come together.

 When starting this project I was feeling a little intimidated, until I really delve into it.  The program was more familiar than I was expecting and the relative ease of navigating it was a pleasant surprise.  I had the most trouble with learning how to publish, share, and get to the right page to start editing.  Once I got to where I needed to be in order to put the slideshow together, I was ok.  I had to ask Tracy more than once, what the correct URL was.  However, towards the end of the project, I knew where I had to go and how to get there.

 Though our slideshow is a mash-up of pictures from both of our photo libraries, I feel, through the collective images and audio, we have shared more than just photos.  We share a piece and an overall excitement of ‘what a beautiful world’ this can be.  Though I haven’t been to the places and events Tracy captured, when I see them in the slideshow, I feel I am a part of them.  Through this, part of me has been there.  This is what I found to be the most exciting part, a piece of art that has beautifully summarized the wonder of not only what the eyes have seen, but what the heart is capable of experiencing.

 I hope you find this slideshow to be as inspiring as I have.

Tracy’s thoughts:

We chose to use a selection of personal photos for the project. Our first go around on Jumpcut proved a little difficult. We had spent a good amount of time organizing the flow of photos and then the link stopped working. We tried every avenue to remedy the problem but when we tried clicking on the link, nothing happened. Weirdly enough, only the first image was coming up in the public space but we were able to see the entire video in the edit mode. After emailing Jumpcut’s tech support and not receiving a reply, I thought it would be best to start all over again.

With all that behind us, we were able to create another video with audio that worked just fine. I think the idea behind Jumpcut is great, it serves two great purposes. First, it allows everyday people the chance to create “homemade” videos and add all kinds of fun effects. Secondly, you can collaborate with anyone on Jumpcut to mix up images/video and create a unique one of a kind piece of work. This would also be great for amateur film makers looking for a way to produce short films.

I had fun working with Jenn on this project and will definitely use it again.

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I went to 10 where people were allowed to submit questions to have the presidential candidates answer them via video or youtube.  The top ten questions were very diverse ranging from the legal use of medical marijuana to the transparency of policy to efficiently reach the media and American people.

Peoples’ web cams recorded questioners from their homes, which I thought gave the questions more meaning, because you could put a face and feeling with their concern.  Instead of it being a typed question on a page, it was a question spoken that could be visually identified with a problem.

Something I did not like about the site, is that many of the candidates did not post any kind of response.  Since this happened, it was hard to draw any educated conclusion, because there was so much missing information.  I liked the idea of the site, however, since it was lacking participants, I don’t think it’s very efficient.

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Critique on TechPresident

I logged onto techPresident to check out the efficiency of the site and to become more informed of candidates and current affairs of the debate.  When I first logged on, I was actually confused of where to start and what resources were available to me.  There was a plethora of data and I definitely experienced information overload. This may have resulted due to my limited knowledge of the presidential debate and resources available.

The first source that was noticeably available was a live feed video coming from The Indianapolis Star, where Hillary Clinton was speaking.  Joshua Levy, a familiar name to all of us, was actually streaming this live and has commented on it. Then below this there is access to other articles, videos, announcements, and comments.   One problem I have run across is since I don’t know enough about the debate, I don’t recognize enough names, and so I don’t know how reliable the source is.

Though I was running into some small glitches because of my little knowledge, it has also helped me.  Not knowing much encouraged me to take a look at a lot of the resources available and get different sides of different issues for each candidate.  I also liked how it provided information on everyone, and it didn’t just focus on one candidate.  Other highlights of the site were the tabs at the top of the page enabling you to post or stream the live video to your myspace, youtube, facebook, etc. page.  The site also contained many links, archives, and other resources that would take you to different locations.  A final fun thing I would like to point out on the site is the ‘politickr’, which tracks the poll views’ from myspace, facebook, and youtube users.  Its fun.  Its set up like the ticker  on Wall Street.

Overall, I think this site is effective and provides a vast amount of information, though it will take a few minutes to get a handle on it.  Its user friendly, provides multiple media outlets, and appears to not be extremely bias.  I’m adding it to my bookmarks.

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I went and played around with the event “flou”.  It is a video game that consists of a flying spaceship through a virtual world.  There is no ‘shooting’ of other objects, but the point of the game is to fly around crashing into black holes and asteroids picking up beats of different percussive instruments.  You navigate through the soundtrack.  It was a lot of fun!  I was smiling the  whole time.  However, I had some of my usual problems of controlling my flying.  (I did in Second Life as well) I experimented in two different worlds, “Alexworld” and “I Cannot Sing”.  Because I was having trouble with flying, it was difficult for me to pick up the various sounds, so instead, I turned on my itunes and flew around with that.  So much fun!  The point of the experience is to add and be apart of the ‘ever-evolving music mix’.  I had my music playing, but when I did crash into something, the beat added into my music, which was so interesting.  Like I said, lots of fun!

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How collaborated work affects the author and audience

This mashup calls upon the author being more flexible about the interpretation of the material and to be open to the collaboration outcome and process.  Others’ input leads the project in a new direction, and gives it a different twist than what was originally planned.  Because this happens, the author needs to be open to flexibility, in order not to turn off the audience that is participating.  (This audience collaborating, is the one paying the money and contributing to not only the project, but also to the profits)

            This mashup gives the audience an opportunity to contribute to the creativity and production of the story and project.  Especially when they take on multiple experiences and media pertaining to the story.  However, if they do not take on all the different views of the project, but only one or two, they can become quite confused and lose out on the meaning of the story.  By missing out, they become turned off, because they don’t realize it’s a multi-project with audience collaboration.  

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Planning the Project

Tracy and I were just discussing how we were going to go about doing the class project while we were on Second life.  We’re both a bit nervous about how to approach it, but I think we’ve worked out a rough schedule about how to get things done.  I am very excited to see where our creativity will lead us to.

Heres: a snipet of our conversation.

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: put we could use random photos

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: of places

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: people

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: things

[18:17]  You: I can post the first one

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: it doesnt have to be cohesive does it

[18:17]  You: I’ve never done it before, have you?

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: just look “good”

[18:17]  Terez Nightfire: nope

[18:17]  You: Its a creation of collaborated art

[18:18]  You: It doesn’t even have to look good.

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: then we should be fine

[18:18]  You: beuaty isn’t what we’re going for

[18:18]  You: the interest of the collaboration

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: lol

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: ok

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: you post for

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: and ill try to give some thought to it before posting my add on

[18:18]  Terez Nightfire: maybe something can happen organically

[18:19]  You: I will try to post this Monday

[18:19]  You: exactly

[18:19]  You: ‘If not, for sure on Wednesday.

[18:19]  You: Tuesday I am flying and I’m not sure what will happen

[18:19]  Terez Nightfire: no worries

[18:19]  You: Excellent1

[18:19]  Terez Nightfire: would it be easier for me to post first over the weekend?

[18:20]  Terez Nightfire: either way im fine

[18:20]  You: do you know how to capture some of this, to put on the blog?

[18:20]  You: this is definitely credit

[18:20]  Terez Nightfire: yes i will capture screen shot of conversation

[18:20]  You: Fantstic!

[18:21]  You: Smile!

[18:21]  You: Did it work?

[18:21]  Terez Nightfire: no

[18:21]  Terez Nightfire: 🙂

[18:21]  You: Can we copy and paste?

[18:22]  You: It says snapshot on the bottom of my screen

[18:22]  You: It says I can take a shot and add it to a disk or inventory

[18:23]  Terez Nightfire: i saved a bitmap to my harddrive

[18:23]  You: It says I just saved a snapshot to my harddrive

[18:23]  Terez Nightfire: but its not text

[18:23]  Terez Nightfire: its a snapshot of secondlife page

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Second Life Experience

I had never been on Second Life so this experience was my first time.  It was a lot of fun, though at times VERY frustrating.  Everything was pretty well organized, however, I would find myself clicking buttons and then not being able to find my way back.  For example, I took my shirt off to see what would happen.  Naturally, my shirt came off, but unnaturally, I couldn’t just put it right back on.  Well, I could, but I didn’t know how to do it.  I spent too much time trying to figure out how to do it, but what was so funny is that I was embarrassed to see others without my shirt on.  As if it actually mattered.  LOL

I took my places I visited from the SL visit list.  I went to resonating with second life, this is where the windmill turbans are in space and the wind makes them resonate with different tones.  Very cool!  Then I went to BonnyDoon, which was a beautiful garden.  I enjoyed looking at the exquisite plants and stone statues.  I followed a waterfall and river to find a secret garden with drums, that yes I played wonderfully.  I like the interactive features of being able to touch things, sit down, see closer, etc.  I did have some trouble editing my appearance and a lot of trouble with flying.  How the hell do you control flying?  I always got out of control and ended up flying off the island and off into nowhere and then second life would disconnect me.  This is what happened far too often when I was at my third location Cyber punk city.  I just kept flying off the island because it was difficult to get around on foot.  Overall, it was very fun and cool.

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Networked collaboration Affecting government operations

I find wikileak to be an interesting example of networked collaboration within our government because it hurts the government as well as helps it.  Obviously, the government is being exposed for unethical behavior, but this exposure also leads to the fixing of the problems and corrupt behavior.  It not only keeps citizens informed of crooked activities, but this network also keeps people within the company or department informed.  Since the data is collaborated through many different people, it all has the opportunity to feed into the chain of events.  For example, one scandal might be the root of another scandal.  The second one occurs because of the first one.  Through a site like this, you are more able to learn about more than one event. These events might be leading to a similar or directly related outcome.  This can either hurt or help the government, depending on what actions are taken by the now informed citizens and officials.

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Virtual Learning Environment

It is amazing what the virtual teaching environment is capable of doing to enrich the learning experience.  It not only allows for thoughts and ideas to be transported globally through words and paragraphs, but it allows for emotions, thoughts, expressions, and experience to be exchanged through music, videos, and images.  A classroom environment can capture this only to the extent of the classroom walls.  A virtual teaching environment involves people from all over the world to share interests, ideas, and experiences.  Through this diversity, students learn about the topic of discussion and also about different cultures, value systems, and how things are viewed differently.  It even increases collaboration through generations, allowing those who might not be able to get to the school during classroom hours, to share their information and experiences.
Through a virtual environment, students and teachers are able to share an abundance of resources that would not be available in the classroom.  They can easily sample and transport different resources.  All the information is relatively up to date compared to the average textbook that takes a year and a half to get published.

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Networked Collaboration affecting business environments

Networked collaboration has enabled businesses and industries to reach global audiences as well as people who might not have even been apart of the audience.  The internet and networked collaboration have allowed people and products to connect through ‘six degrees of separation’.  Someone knowing someone or being interested in something, creates a network of communication referring the other party to the other person or product.  Businesses can reach masses of people through one initial person or page.
The environment and exchange are affected through the simple idea of, how do we communicate when the audiences are so diverse?  We talk to our mothers in a different way than we talk to our best friends.  This is also true for business relationships.  As a manger, you speak differently to your boss than you do to your subordinates.  Not only must a certain level of caution be used when distributing a mass e-mail, but a degree of language awareness must be observed when considering who you are speaking to in individual e-mails.
Another factor to consider when looking at how the business environment and communication exchange is affected through networked collaboration is looking at the cost.  It is VERY low.  It can almost serve as free advertising and marketing.  WOM (Word of Mouth) is the most effective way to build your customer database.  Networked collaboration is WOM at its best.

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