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BiW Dance event review

As a final Second LIfe event opportunity, Josephine arranged the dance performance event for the Brooklyn is Watching site.  We were to meet in the Theatre on Funk Soup Island to rehearse and then go to the BiW site for the performance.  A decent number of participants showed up for the event and Josephine began to explain the process and to distribute the dance moves and explain how to use them.  It took much longer than expected to get everyone informed and dancing so we should plan for that if we do this again. I also had to take a few minutes to change my appearance since we were all supposed to wear dark colors to appear more uniform and to allow the shapes we wore for the second part of the performance to take center stage. 

Part of the reason I think it took awhile to get going was that so many of us are so new at SL.. it took a lot of time to figure out how to use the gestures to dance and also how to wear the shapes and then drop them in the space.

Once we had finished the rehearsal we teleported to the BiW space. There were other people there doing other things and it was strange at times to hear them talking in the background. Our group settled on to the large green lawn area to begin the performance. We each went through a series of the gestures and danced around for awhile until we got the signal from Josephine to begin wearing our shapes.  We continued to dance, adding layers of shapes.  This part of the performance seemed to last while. I kept looking for Josephine to make sure I hadn’t missed the cue for the next section.  Once we received the cue we began to drop our shapes and go back to just the gestures for a few minutes until we ended the piece by all going to sleep and then teleporting away from the space and leaving our shapes behind.  

I had a lot of fun with the dance performance piece as I think others did as well and will be glad to participate again next semester. I thought it was great to interact with my classmates and to meet some of the grad students as well.  Interestingly, since I had been to the pencil factory event and had interacted with with some of the other student’s avatars previously, I felt pretty comfortable with them and didn’t really feel that bit of awkwardness that I felt at the Pencil Factory. Through these two experiences I have found that voice chat is so much easier than typing in SL and it allows for more casual interaction.  

As far as the dance gestures go, I would have liked to have been able to string some together in order to keep moving as some of the gestures were really short and my avatar would complete them before I could type the next move!  Overall, I really enjoyed participating in this piece and look forward to the next time. Check out my pictures on our Flickr photo stream.

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