Intro to Networked Collaboration

Critique Recap: Networked Event one and two

Unfortunately I only made it to one of our class meetings in SL, however I am posting here on a few other events I’ve participated with outside of the course through online collaboration.


A good friend of mine has a recording studio, LVIS Productions, in Switzerland. We used to work on building a fanbase through facebook and myspace, offering samples of music to get a following going. Now tools like seismic,, seeqpod, and other blog spaced lets us get directly to music fans.


We would also meet online in a facebook group to discuss details that needed to be organized for shows and events coming up. It’s unquestionable that these events would not have been the success they were if it was not for the online collaboration, however the most fascinating part is what we did through YahooLive:


We would set up our webcam while in the studio and make music for online surfers to run into in real time. Through yahoo live, users can stream whatever they are doing in real time… we would set up the camera and tap into yahoo live just to play around on the synthesizers or jump in with some instruments. At one point we ended up with close to 100 viewers by just pushing play and doing what we would have otherwise around the studio! It’s no sold-out theatre, but for putting in little more effort than we would have jamming alone we were able to get our art to the front page of their network, and in result had continued hits and comments from people who liked what they heard. That feedback and collaboration from fans would not have come our way if it weren’t for this feature; not with such few time and effort put into it.


Keep in mind this still goes to show the importance of physical performance with the arts, which I feel technology can not replicate. I believe there is something about human performance being the art underlining music, dance and even fine arts, which dancing in Second Life does not come close to replicating. Yes, web solutions bring the world closer and will unleash opportunities in the art world we have yet to imagine (likely in my lifetime) however tools such as yahoo live have my support because they tribute the physical performance by bringing it to the desktops of people from all over the globe, in real time.  


My other Networked Collaboration Event was the dance performance for Brooklyn is Watching. I’ve already blogged about it in other threads, however want to note that this connection with virtual and physical space is again what I find most invigorating about networked collaboration. Knowing people sitting in a café in the streets of New York can have access to what I was doing, giggling in my room with a friend while tapped into a classroom among online-enthusiasts is an inspiring thought. I like that this world of ours, at least the behavioral patterns we are taking in it have begun to stray from such linear tendency.

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