Intro to Networked Collaboration

Here is something really cool, about networked collaboration,, etc etc.  Seems like this kind of training is happening out ther and there is a lack of people with the skills.

I think these skills and practices will spill over into marketing too. They are already starting to happen in Publishing where ‘community organizer’ is becoming a real job in publishing businesses to rival ‘editor’.

I totally believe that innovations in marketing and communications are happening in NFP fields today, and the marketers will eventually need them in agency-land. The first direct mail appeal in the US was Dolly Madison writing a letter to other ‘ladies’ to fund the first not-for-profit in this country to provide shoes and uniforms to revolutionary war soldiers (they didn’t have their own shoes back then, and guess what, we’re headed that way again!). George Washington evidently didn’t like the idea of NFPs because that would undermine the power of the government.  Of course, we know what kind of multi-$B industry the direct mail biz became (quickly being replaced by the effectiveness of fund raising and marketing online which has higher yields and lower costs). And, it seems the government is quite capable of undermining its own power itself!  Happy careers in Networked Collaboration!


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