Intro to Networked Collaboration

Networked Event Review 2: Graduate Art Exhibit

Here was a major surprise for me!  Adam and Fia offered a tour of a space that their fellow students had created to make collaborative, interactive art pieces.  There were all kinds of dazzling exhibits here.  The first space was an interactive musical piece that played cords and created greens squares when an avatar walked or flew into it.  That was really quite beautiful and magical.

The next musical space was a weight of sorts that would play notes when you pushed it. 

In the third room we encountered floating cubes that one could “push” by pointing at them.  Both of these installations definitely gave the feeling of being a physical being while in the online world.

We visited a cave that spells out the letters of the words you say from within it’s belly.  However, I’m not sure if it was really a trap cause you had to be teleported out of there!

The next stop was a larger than lifesize typewriter that was hooked up to twitter.  So whatever you twitted, the typewriter typed on the paper. (See Andrea’s pictures in the previous post)

Before the typewriter, we all (or at least me for sure) got lost in outerspace.  I tried to climb the invisible stairs back to the visible land, a pathway floating in outerspace, but kept bumping my head underneath instead of making it up and around.  I also had to teleported back to land from here.

Next, we visited a space with rooms that contained all kinds of possibilities; one was an annoying hologram-like thing that was really confusing to look at.  One was a a room that lead again to outerspace, but this time with planets!  Another just had a  desk & chair, while the last one I discovered was a room that was pure white, with a few furniture items.  It was kind of peaceful and probably good for reflecting in.

One of the last exhibits, and my favorite, was the discotec/musical performance exhibit.You could turn different parts of the music on and off, like the drums or the background.  These musical parts were represented by multi-colored squares floating around in a circle.  You could enter the circle and see a character dancing as the music got louder and colors spinned before your face.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any dance gestures, but the excitement was captured!

I think the students definitely were successful in creating art installations that are not only are as imaginative as real life installations, but that are designed to be more successful in an online arena than a live one.  I have been in a real-life installation that was a humming, pulsing, round white room that responded to the amount of people in the room by changing colors.  It was fun for a minute and cool on a novelty level to me.

These SL installations were interesting to me in that its seems like a lot of work may have went into it, and that they were collaborative art pieces.  I do not remember Adam elaborating on how the work was broken up or how they were collaborative, and maybe I should’ve asked that question.  They were also interesting in that they created uncontrolled, first-hand experiences for the online user, unlike most online experiences, where most immediate experiences are delayed by time or choice.

A few students also commented that all these experiences were much more fun when having them with other people/avatars.  Just like in real life!


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