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SL: Exhibition at Pencil Factory (review)

(This posting should again be a comment to smartscrutiny’s last entry – since I want to put up pictures I do my own post instead):picture-24





This SL meeting was about exploring space(s) and interacting with amazing, surprising, aesthetic objects – when the nicest part about it was to have a guided tour, get instructions on what to do in front of objects, and getting saved (re-teleported) once you got lost. I feel that meetings like this are a condensed learning experience. What would take me forever to figure out on my own, is happening here really quick: jumping into a cave, creating sounds together, creating messages on the huge typewriter. Or, meditating on a stone: I loved to see my movements that just happened without me doing anything, animated by the artwork (as I naively explain it).

This time communication (besides the tour guides)m mostly¬† happened through text, without voice, which made it possible form me to focus more on my experience on the exhibition then on the class interaction itself. Still there was this ‘doing something together’, and I think it was an important part of the class.

At times, being in an online class for the first time, some part was missing for me, communication- and energy wise: meeting people for talk and exchange: what you get from just listening to other people’s ides. The SL meetings where definitely inspiring in that way, there was the energy of the common experience …

Doing a performance together would have been the perfect part III, sorry I missed it but will come back for it. Thanks Josephine for a very inspiring class and ideas that can be built on!


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