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SL Lecture with Rafi Santos @ Funksoup Conference Room



Being excited and a bit intimidated about a first scheduled class meeting in SL, I here want to focus on social experiences in this SL event, also since this was part of our discussion wih Rafi (thanks to him again for a great and very inspiring presentation of Global Kids’ Media Initiatives, described more detailed by smartscrutiny in a post below!) before his lecture.

Looking at the screenshots, I’m still surprised how easy I managed to sit in a right and rather elegant looking way (I have to admit that in the pre-meeting with Enay, I couldn’t figure out how to sit facing forward in a movie theatre, and I had been practising for a week on Help Island!). SL, I think, is assisting its avatars nicely being well mannered and sociable: It’s somehow difficult to create the clothes you really want (I never managed), but then you also never look really bad.

Being scheduled for a first meeting with the class, people I ‘somehow’ know (their RL names!, some comments, tweets and pictures) was different from the anonymity of Help Island, and I don’t agree for myself to what was said about people being braver through their avatars: There was my name, my voice (and background noice) – and in general, I couldn’t dis-identify from the little figure I had created (an experience I even had in the anonymous space before). I realize I am more shy communicating through my avatar than I’m in RL (and I am shy already): technical insecurities and accidents (getting lost in space, bumping into people) don’t happen like this in RL. I can imagine that identification and ‘anonymisation’ is a process getting more used to socializing in Second Life though.

The most frightening part was definitely ‘Voice’: A text chat can hide a lot, Voice stays the same in S and RL (maybe SL will offer voice distortion in the future?) And, being technically unable to master Voice (settings) the right way, my most private environment (my crying baby right behind me) was brought into the meeting! How can anybody speak of ‘anonymity’?!

What I liked though was listening to someone else talking in that setting, the possibility of combining this talk with links, links to films (that could be watched immediately) and the crowd giving comments and asking questions through Instant Messages.

I also liked the little pre-meeting with Enay in that theatre, being introduced to a space one on one – and get to meet somebody from the class (Somehow the one on one meeting felt almost real).
Second Life is a pretty cool thing!

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