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First networked event review

The Second Life event with Rafi Santos of Global Kids’ Digital Media Initiative was the first group meeting I had been a part of in SL. I learned a few Second Life related things by being there, i.e. how to voicechat. It was great to see my classmates’ avatar choices! Your virtual lecture space is fantastic, Josephine! I’m still staggered by the fact that it’s possible to be so detailed in “real estate” design in SL!

Rafi began with a description of his organization and the ways in which it impacts the lives of young people. He described the different ways that youths can be involved with the organization (Global Kids’ Digital Media Initiative holds both online and on location activities.) He went into detail about a recent project where students followed an archaeological dig and held their own dig in SL. He directed us to a YouTube link, where we watched a video created about this project. The ability to have everyone look at a specific website during a meeting or lecture is a very valuable thing, and this is much more easily accomplished in SL than in a real life lecture. Rafi was very passionate about the organization and its mission to build leadership in young people. Several times I was listening closely to Rafi and watching his avatar, and I was dismayed to find that my avatar had fallen asleep! This brought to mind one disadvantage of holding a lecture in SL. When a presenter is speaking in front of a group in real life, he or she can judge the reactions of the audience by their body language, laughter, facial expressions, spontaneous verbal responses, etc. This is harder in SL since the appearance of an avatar may or may not be indicative of what its real life counterpart is thinking or doing.

This was a fascinating lecture and a great introduction to group meetings in Second Life!

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I edited the Trondheim page on Wikipedia and added a section on nightlife. I have already seen changes; another bar was added and a link to a bar’s website was added. I will continue to add to my section because it feels good to known that I’m letting people in other places know what I love about my new home. I think it is also nice to know that if someone were to come to Trondheim, I might have helped them have a more enjoyable time. It is also a good marketing tool as I work for one of the best night spots in town.. and I can list bars that support local talent. I do, though, think it is important to be objective in listing on Wikipedia as it is being used as a reference source. It is sort of an honor system and I appreciate that. Well, I think I’ll check it again…

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