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Above is a link to the conversation Rohit and I had concerning our final project via Facebook Chat. This was just a day after Rohit had returned from Bangkok and he told me about his experience. It is very interesting and it also gave me a unique perspective looking at the photos he had uploaded onto Jumpcut. I felt very isolated and safe listening to his story and looking at the photos and i uploaded a video that expressed those feelings to me. It worked very well with music that Rohit downloaded… we added photos and tweaked the audio and placed words in the frames as well as splicing up the original video. I really like the ‘Ken Burns’ fade-outs and the way my video was spliced thru the photos in the end.  My computer is giving me problems with the sound but Rohit sais the audio works fine; the audio is a combination of added tracks by Rohit and audio by me off the pre-recorded videos… I really like the end result and I think it was fascinating to work on this project with Rohit, particularly to hear about his experience in the midst of a government crushing protest, but also to create art with someone thousands of miles away. I look forward to doing it again! Here’s a link to our film:

Hope y’all enjoy!

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  1. I thought that Hannah and I had a very fruitful collaboration resulting in our jumpcut film, hannah and rohit’s many happy returns. Let me talk some more about the process. Once we started, I think we found jumpcut fairly easy to use. This was for both of us a new experience as neither of us had experience with video editing before. In that it was exciting, because we were learning something new. This really may have whetted my appetite to begin using iMovie to play with video more. We both experimented by uploading various types of media to jumpcut and creating a video from it. For the final project, I wanted to use my own original photography as much as I could to put a distinctive stamp on it. I also found some inspirational audio tracks in my itunes library that would serve as the soundtrack. In respect to copyright, I did not use any of the tracks fully and I hope that this would be allowed considering fair use rules. Hannah’s original and creative video work served as a great counterpoint to my still images and meshed well with the audio tracks. We were able to give up control of our own works and allow each other to mix and mash to create something new. I think there was synergy through our splicing of each other’s material that resulted in an exceptional result that we would not have been able to reach individually on our own. Because we wanted to make it a truly multimedia experience, we added text to the film at some points to express ideas such as “play”. We were also able to emphasize certain parts of the film through strategic placement of audio that built up and released tension. Our decision to incorporate images from the protests that I recently experienced in Thailand worked very well. I think that the other photography which was my own focused on environments internal and external. I spliced some of Hannah’s video work so that the entire work had continuity and we could communicate our themes of tension and power over our environments with the greatest punch. Some of her video segments, including the focusing on the intense colors of fresh flowers to the point of hazy but pleasant dissonance and the jarring first person view of her filming while walking, were impressive contributions to the final work. I don’t want to give it all away, so please watch! After we both felt like the video was complete, we came up with our “story” for the video that serves as a description. We struggled with this a bit because I think the meaning of the video changed throughout this process. We decided on language that we felt explained our perspective in a broad way. We also wanted to keep it somewhat open-ended allowing you, our viewers, to create your own meaning of our little video project. Enjoy!

    Comment by unoq | December 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. cool movie, guys. the transition from the walking legs to the “stems” in the vase was hilarious . really liked your choice of music.

    Comment by nancyajones | January 8, 2009 | Reply

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