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Institute for Multimedia Literacy SL Event

I attended this event quite a while ago but I never blogged about.  The island I was on and the materials I was viewing were quite interesting.  One of the presentations that was streamed was by Anne Friedberg who was discussing her book The Virtual Window.  She discussed her ideas on “windows” from architectural to windows on a screen.  The idea of framing from painting, photography and the framing of information in the book and virtual forms.

There was also an interesting video created by Eric Faden called “Fair(y) Use Tale”.  It commented on fair use and copyright law by using the video and audio from famous Disney cartoons.  It was spliced together to explain copyright law and then the principle that if the purpose is to create a new message completely that “fair use” would apply.  I am not doing it any justice but I am sure it can be found on youtube or on the internet somewhere.

I did meet a few people at the event but because I had joined the event towards the end there were not that many people left.  They weren’t too social but that’s okay.  We agreed that that it was a really good forum to get together for people with common interests which Second Life in general is.  Here are some snapshots from the event.

Anne Friedberg "talking" to my avatar.

Anne Friedberg "talking" to my avatar.

Me floating around on this island...

Me floating around on this island...


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  1. For those that are interested, here is a link with more information on this event:

    Comment by unoq | December 10, 2008 | Reply

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