Intro to Networked Collaboration


Just last night I had something occur that I think directly applies to our class within the categories of social & business networking. I have really enjoyed utilizing Facebook as a tool to meet people (and find out about them having just moved a year ago) here in Norway; then it got more exciting because I have gotten back in touch with people I haven’t seen in 15 years, been able to shoot my sister in North Caroline a line while she’s asleep or allowed me to make plans with folks in Texas the day I arrive there after being gone 6 years. (i’m really blown away by it) Yesterday, though, I had another new use for Facebook pop up. I made a comment about a picture a friend in NYC had up, and then I could see the other comments her friends had made and I realized I really wanted to meet some of the friends because i liked what they had to say or they obviously have similar interests… I think this is an exciting new networking tool that really explodes the possibilities of networking with people in other parts of the world who I could have never met without Facebook. Of course, the chatting tool (& Skype) could mean that within a day I could be having a discussion with that person and becoming friends in ‘real-life’. My brain is churning with ways it could help with the marketing for the diner i work at and the music projects i’m in… perhaps i could do a Facebook invitation for a Secondlife music concert?

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