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Networking Final

I know I haven’t been a regular on the blogging scene (death in the family) but this class has really moved me forward in knowing more of what i can do on the internet and what it can do for me. Somethings never change though, like the real world stopping folks from communicating, and that has been the issue with our final project. I was in Texas without internet connections which made it difficult for Terry and I but more importantly, Rohit was in Bangkok being held ‘hostage’ by the airport takeover! Well I finally got the ball rolling with our first entry.
But I’m not sure if I have it set up so that they can find it. I know i’ve set it up so that anyone can edit it, but i’m concerned that a person outside the project might fiddle with it. I’ll keep ya posted!


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  1. I’m back and safe from my recent Thailand adventure (surrounded by weirdly happy yellow-shirted protesters who had just taken the control tower at one of the largest airports in Asia, flying out of chaotic military airport a week later than I was supposed to, government folding to the pressure etc.). But as for jumpcut is pretty easy to use and fun so far ( Haven’t done anything sophisticated yet but this is my first exposure to video and audio editing.

    Comment by unoq | December 10, 2008 | Reply

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