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As a follow up to my previous post about how people use online social platforms for Marketing and Business, I did some research on companies that special in social media and came across this company:

They take experiential marketing to the virtual level and create SL events that will establish your brand and create awareness in the virtual world. Interesting to see that brands are already thinking about increasing their exposure in Second Life. I do hope that this does not turn Second Life into a world of virtual marketing as that would make the SL experience very superficial and more artificial than it needs to be.


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  1. There is another company that provides custom services for companies looking for a presence on virtual platforms including Second Life… It is called The Electric Sheep Company ( They started by working on Second Life predominantly but now I think they offer to set up a web presence on many virtual platforms including their own proprietary one.

    I think that it is inevitable that this happens because there are some challenges in learning SL and there are companies that want to get up and running quickly and are willing to pay someone to set that up. I think that SL is great and is large enough to be different things for different audiences.

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  2. This reminds me of the presentation I saw by Philip Rosdale on the Ted talks, explaining his initial vision of SL and his inspiration.

    He talks about the sheer size of SL… and its pretty overwhelming. He stated its 25,000 times larger than World of Warcraft, and that there are 20,000 machines running SL.

    Also, he laughed about a game he plays with others in the office, where they take a real-life published article and replace the subject with something in SL. His point was that anything in the real world, not only can, but does happen in SL. There are articles on domestic disturbances, spiritual findings, and more.

    What I found MOST interesting about his speech is the focus he put on creation and SL. He was always building things as a kid, and is probably most proud of SL for the ability others have to take over and create their own ideas in the virtual world.

    “The sheer scale of what people can do, when they can do anything they want is pretty amazing,” he said

    here is the link to watch this TED talk:

    Comment by kelboa | December 10, 2008 | Reply

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