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Politics360 Event Critique

I was invited to participate in a Politics360 event during the last Presidential Debate.  Politics360 is a social media community forming around our emerging collective interest in politics and the machinations and deviousness of our elected officials!  My friend is involved in promoting them and so invited me to the event.

It was a lot of fun to participate in it. Particularly, since listening to debates has become do depressing or anger inducing, it is a good idea for me to do this in the company of other people.

The idea is a really great one. It looked like about 30 people were logged in, and quite a few of them seemed to already know each other. But, I am not sure where they were. I only knew my friend.  We logged in with a pseudonym. I don’t think any of us were using our exact names. We were all commenting in posts as the debates went on, so it was like a rolling commentary. It was really fun, but in a way I felt that just throwing my ideas out there to a bunch of strangers was not necessarily the best idea. I did engage a few times in side conversations, cause people would respond to something someone else posted.  Sometimes, I am not sure humor is taken as intended, which we’ve talked about already here in Net Collab, and maybe is best to avoid although that is really censoring for me.  As the event went on, there were just more and more comments adding up.  We had to continually refresh our browser to keep the scrolling comments going on, which is the one thing I noticed that isn’t the case with SL or Paltalk.  The format in SL or in Paltalk just scrolls by without refreshing.

In the spirit of the smart mob or crowd sourcing, and networked collaboration, I like the idea of Politics360 aggregated with content from other political or activist sites.  Some of the content and functionality of CREDO or Move-on that actually sends us notices when specific bills are up in our legislatures, with all the links set up so we can write in, it would be a really effective tool for me. This is really powerful for knowing when to tune it to monitor Congress, or White House press conferences, for example and then send out comments and also send out links to the content to other mad voter peeps!

The next thing would be to have the comments scrolling under C-Span emissions!  That would really make Politics360 cool! And, also a way to chunk that content in Jumpcut so we can spread it around our peeps with our commentary! That would be pretty good, cause C-Span format is crap and totally inappropriate for the needs of today’s modern voters who are over-stretched time-wise and underpaid every other-wise. We need to be able to get more control of C-Span and monitoring Congress as time goes by so those scoundrels know we’re watching their every move (and every word they say or don’t say!)! I especially hear they wait till 2AM to pass the really dirty bills that they know they don’t want any journos and cameras around covering! (Matt Taibbi covers that stuff late at night: )

Politics360 would also be 24/7 then!

Anyway, I welcome all of this participatory media convergence for voters and hope we can make this more and more an everyday occurrence in every voter’s life in order to save the country from the predators!


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