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Meeting with Rafi Event Critique

I really enjoyed the visit to SL to hear Rafi in Josephine’s Island. That was really fun. Although, I have no idea how I found the link because searching for the links and wikis on SL is really really tedious and unbelievable for me. It is not the picture perfect idea of usability for me. At least not beyond the ‘enthusiast’, or ‘tech forward’ which I am definitely not.
I did enjoy the novelty of the whole thing. It is cool to be able to gather a bunch of people together who don’t have to be in the same city, timezone, or whatever. That is a real advantage over the kinds of meetings and conferences like this that have to take place at an appointed time and place. The whole thing about the avatar is really cool and being able to make up a name and a whole persona is really a cool game. I am sure there is something deep in there about why that is so appealing (at least to me). And, I guess building your own Island would also be really self-expressive and cathartic in a way.  That would be fun, although I doubt I would ever get around to that.

As far as the actual event goes, I really like the scrolling typing chat. It would have been more interactive for me if we had been able to view the I Dig Tanzania Youtube right in second life instead of having to open up separate browsers and leave SL for a while. that goes on , and also talking in the mics if we want to. I have seen this before on Paltalk, which is a great format even if most of the content I have seen there is not too compelling for me. I also participated in a Politics360 event, which I will critique separately. I was delighted to be able to sit down in the sofa and not have to walk around much, cause I haven’t mastered that yet in SL. I more or less bump into things, and can’t walk a straight line. I was so glad Josephine recognized that and just told me to right-click and sit down. I still have no real pathway in my brain about how to find destinations on SL and I am very glad that I can just be teleported as long as I can send an IM to the people I am trying to meet. I also got timed out twice the next time I went to the Art tour Josephine invited me too, but my friend added like tons more memory to my machine the other day, so hopefully that won’t happen again.

Also, recording it and making that available is a really cool way to revisit, review and firm up the learnings. I am becoming more and more used to this now that so many First Life events are also being recorded and I can download them at my leisure later. I think it is part of the emerging paradigm for how we will consume both live events, and online events. Also, it would be cool to do blog posts and comments on a wiki format or something. I guess a little like we’re doing now, except we aren’t watching the recording now simultaneiously. One time, I couldn’t even get to a First Life event, but watched it on the simultaneous webcast, and then watched it again, or send the links to other enthusiasts in my peeps full of my comments and recommendations, which may be more and more. This is like in Jenkins except it is also convergence with real-life or First Life.

I definitely like what Rafi and Global Kids do, and wholeheartedly support them.  I actually listened to the whole thing again later when Josephine sent it out and I made notes this time about the actual work and design process Rafi talked about and also the concepts they seek to teach the students who participate from all over the world. I really think the things about collaboration, media and information literacy, and cultural awareness all over the world, etc.  We really need that now before things get tenser and worse globally.  I’d like to see what Global Kids do happen more and more and everywhere. I am working with colleagues to try to introduce these formats more into media and to get sponsors interested in this kind of thing over broadcast formats, so the timing was really get for Rafi’s talk.

I look forward to more live events in SL.  I could definitely see it for myself for this conference thing. Not sure I would hang out much there to meet new people cause I do that so much already in First Life, and am not done with that yet! I am not at all a talk radio person, which is why Paltalk doesn’t work for me, so meeting random people in SL would have absolutely no appeal to me.  I also wonder about all the server farms out in Oregon and really just how much disk space all this content is taking up and also how we’ll get it back if there is a major disk or energy crash!  So much of our output is ending up there that used to get written down on paper. Now, we have no paper copy backups! But, that is a topic for another day.


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