Intro to Networked Collaboration

Second Life Meetings

The lecture by Rafi was an interesting experience.  I enjoyed being able to “meet” the class, even though our SL alter personalities were kind of confusing.  I did find it harder to focus on the speech since there was really no movement to watch.  I felt more able to focus when I treated the speech like a radio and just listened, instead of looking.

I really loved the idea of following an archeological expedition in another country.  I get the feeling that the students really learned a lot and got to feel some sort of kinship with the Tanzanian community they were networked with.  I think this has tremendous potential for conflict resolution/peacebuilding among disputing communities, and maybe even students from different environments in the U.S.

My Jumpcut group stayed after the lecture to discuss our project.  This too, was a great networking experience.  Stephanie was typing Stacie and I were using the mic, so sometimes we went a little to fast for Stephanie.  I think this was a more effective communication experience than the lecture because I was more involved rather than simply a listener.  I would like to see more instructor lead such experiences (bringing the possiblity of sharing educational videos etc.) at the online New School in general.  

In reference to the “resistance” to networked communication that one of the students had mentioned at the lecture and in her blog, I feel like I am finally overcoming that resistance and jumping into the stream of web sharing.  I am beginning to see the tremendous potential of our ability to communicate and create overseas and it’s very exciting.


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