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I played around with Aggregators the last week. I really decided I liked using Live Bookmarks and Simple RSS reader. I loaded all my favorite news sites and a few blogs I like.  I now have icons on the toolbar for my most important news sources, and some scrolling headlines from some others. For the blogs, I settled on Live Bookmarks, so I have to check them from time to time to see what new headlines have been posted.  This has been really great as I got used to this during the week. It really streamlines everything. I found the aggregator sites to be a bit too complex with a lot of extraneous functionality for me. I really wasn’t sure what I was looking at half the time, and in the end it is better for me to have it all right in Firefox.  This works extremely well, except sometimes I am not sure everything is rolling through the Simple RSS reader.  We’ll keep working on that. I feel much more connected to the news I care about now everytime I open up the browser.


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  1. I’m pretty impressed with rss aggregators! I checked out several and finally ended up using Netvibes for the purpose of our assignment. I like to keep tabs on Broadway news, so I added feeds from and I’m also a huge Kristin Chenoweth fan, so I added several feeds relating to her career and upcoming appearances. (I discovered that both the New York Times and USA Today allow you to customize your own feed with a topic or keyword of your choice, and when they publish something on your topic/keyword, it goes to your feed.) My special USA Today Kristin Chenoweth feed alerted me yesterday that Kristin Chenoweth had been cut from the 2010 Metropolitan Opera season– devastating!!! And yet I was one of the first to know, thanks to my handy little aggregator.

    Comment by smartscrutiny | November 15, 2008 | Reply

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