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Calling an SL tour guide

Does any one with some Second Life experience want to meet me on skype and SL to show me the ropes? I’m a quick learner and have been exploring on my own, but would appreciate if someone more familiar with SL could chat with me a bit about it or give me some tips, as I’m losing interest due to the time its taking to familiarize with the program.

I’ve worked with my appearance a bit, traveled the help island, found some nice spots like Urban Coffee, an announcement about the virtual Burning Man event (which I found exciting), I learned to back-flip on command, and came across a location called the Boom Lodge which has a lazer show, music, lounge, and skydiving at an area on a beach.

I like that at the entrance they recommend which setting for time of day works best with the graphics. Midnight here looks best, since all the work gone into light design is more apparent.

I just get so frustrated at the time it takes for me to figure out things I encounter, and don’t have friends who use Second Life so I have to resort to the help resources to overcome basic trouble shooting. I walked and flew around the Boom Festival location for over an hour, and felt that time was not constructive “IRL.” So, again if any of you have the time and wouldn’t mind meeting me for a voice convo, I could use some tips on things to do and what’s worth-seeing in the game.

Thanks! -Kelley


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  1. Well, my second attempt went better. I acquired a free scuba-diving suit and found an area where I went kayaking and walking underwater. The more I spend time on this the more I learn, however since I’m not interested in participating outside of this class, I find it frustrating when encountering additional demands of interaction from the game. For example, if I want to scuba dive I need to acquire the gear: I acquire the gear but need to pay for the “package” to go dive: To pay for the package I need money, so I am persuaded to spend more time doing un-related activities to get to the money to get to the scuba diving. I’ve encountered activities to keep me online playing SL, but not much to feel engaged and like I’m spending my time constructively.

    Comment by kelboa | November 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey Kelley

    Add me to your contacts list. Search for sitara Karu. That way, you will see when I am online and can message me directly and I can teleport to you. What is your SL name?

    Comment by ayvak | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  3. The money issue is also one I have problems with. You can either convert real money to $L (Linden dollars) or, like you posted, do activities or have someone give you money. I haven’t found many moneymaking activities tho.
    Nancy aka SL: Enay Jarvinen

    Comment by nancyajones | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  4. My SL name is Razell Foxtrot. I limit my time on SL because I have had all sorts of problems with my laptop since I downloaded it. I Will go ahead and add you in case we run into eachother the next time around.

    Comment by kelboa | November 27, 2008 | Reply

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