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Our Journey Into Second Life by Kavya and Nancy

Meditating in Second Life by you.

After several meetings on Skype and a few video exchanges on Seesmic, Nancy and I decided to explore Second Life as part of our group assignment. For those interested in contacting us on Second Life (we can show you the basics now that we figured it out), our Second Life names are Sitara Karu (Kavya) and Enay Jarvinen (Nancy). 

We started off during our first few wanderings trying to sort out our appearances. As you will soon find out, the initial appearance options are limited. There are a number of freebies that Second Life designers offer for new comers and you can change everything from your outfits to your hair and even your eye color. The freebie republic is a great place to get your look together for free:

If you click on the Map icon, you can actually key in the coordinates under the section header Location:  20    224     622

Click on Teleport and it should take you there. Once you are there, walk around and look at the posters on the walls. When you see something you like, hold down the command key (I use a Mac) and click on the poster you like. You will see a circle on the screen with a number of options. Choose Buy. This will add the item to your Inventory. To wear the item, click on Inventory icon (lower right corner of your screen) and find it listed. Hit Command and click on the item you want to wear from your inventory list and then choose –wear.


Once we were happy with the way we looked, we set out to explore Second Life a little more. We started by logging onto these sites:

These sites list out all kinds of events that are occurring on Second Life. They are organized by date and time and provide you with either coordinates or Teleport you there. We were able to send each other Teleport messages by adding each other to our list of contacts. That way, once one person arrived at an event, she was able to send the other one a message that would teleport her over as well. Another cool application we discovered was that not only could we chat with each other through typing but if we clicked on the Talk button we could actually speak to each other like we did on Skype.

On Posse Balls: You will see these lying on the ground or floating in the air. They usually have a function like animating your Avatar and making you dance. Just press the command key and click on it and look at the choices that come up. Usually, if you choose Touch as the option then the ball does it’s thing- but not without your permission. Take a look at the picture below (it shows a pose ball and us dancing )

 Turkish Market by you.


The first event we attended was a movie screening. Enay (Nancy) teleported herself there first and then sent me a teleport invitation. The theatre was empty and we were the only ones there. So we sat down (Just hold down the command key, click on a chair and choose Sit) and watched the movie for a bit. It was a video stream with audio as well. To hear ambient sound or music, click on the music note icon and make sure your volume is up. 

Sitara and Enay go for a movie screening by you.

We also attended a Concert. Enay knew the organizer and hooked us up with the event details and teleported us there. Once we arrived, we watched the other avatars dance. The organizer was very helpful and took us to a poster and told us to click on it (command + click). The poster asked if it could animate our avatars, and when we said yes, it animated us so we were dancing! We could hear and watch the singer as well as dance with the others. It truly was a wonderful experience.

Enay and Sitara at a Concert by you.


On a solo trip in Second Life, I went to a mall. I was looking for something new to wear and came across two vending Machines – Coke and Redbull- and clicked on them. They gave away free drinks. I was amazed to see real-life brands in Second Life as well. Free Coke and RedBull by you.



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