Intro to Networked Collaboration

SL (Second Life)

Well the first time I ever even herd of Second Life was in the Office when Dwight was explaining to the camera team about how awesome his first life was that he had created a second life account because it was that awesome. (Anyone know what I’m talking about?)


Anyways, so when the class was assigned to join the second life community I thought that it would be interesting to see what all of this is about. 

In a sense second life reminds me of the game “The Sims” (note: not SimCity, or SimTower, or any of those other “Sim” games but The Sim’s). For those of you who don’t know what “The Sims” is its basically a game where you build a family or person/couple and control there life. The control there actions, pick and chose a career for them (if you want your Sim to have a career) and build a house for him/her. The most major difference I can think of between the 2 is that with the Sims you can buy expantion packs to get new things and with Second Life you earn it in a sense or can spend money to do so. Also Second Life you can fly. But at one point the Sims even allowed you to go online and interact with other Sims that are real people. 

Anyways, so I have been playing around with Second Life for some time now and have found it very interesting. Again it brings me back to the days of when I played the Sims.  So I found my self in the basic intro realm and was exploring. I found the whole experience very interesting. I had tried to communicate with other people but failed miserably. I’m not sure if I was doing it correctly that led to my failure but non the less I did explore. Unsure how to transfer to different realms and parts of Second Life I stumbled upon a link for Second Life vs. reality weight challenge.

The link had me sign into second life and I was teleported to this new world. Trying to explore the new word I found my self at the bottom of the sea floor and flying back up onto ground. 

I suppose this world that I was in was a world for an art gallery. Any how so when I signed back into SL I found that things had changed in the world. There was more art, different art and still no one to be found.


Second life is interesting but I don’t think I will use it to much after this class.


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  1. I created a Second Life (SL) account a few weeks ago in order to attend an even in second life that I was also going to in person. I wanted to see how it worked and what it was like.

    My immediate impression of SL was also, that it was like the Sims game. Although the only time I ever played that game, I couldn’t figure out how to let my person use the bathroom and she kept peeing on the floor! (Which I must say I found quite funny at the time.) So I spent a few minutes trying to change my appearance but was not very successful and decided to just start exploring instead. At first I thought it would be very cool but maybe I didn’t take advantage of the best resources cause I found it kind of boring just walking around by myself. I didn’t really know how to interact with anything. When I tried to attend my event I couldn’t even find it. Luckily I found some other avatars that were going there and they helped me (we had to take some sort of transport there). Otherwise I would never have figured it out.

    I’ll go through Orientation Island this weekend and see if I have a better experience after that. Stay tuned.

    Comment by Stacey | November 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. Through all this Second Life exploring, the major difference in virtual and real world experiences have reminded me of the ways I’ve seen virtual beings evolve since my childhood. I do remember Sims, and even before that I remember a little electronic pocket accessory, the Tomagotchi. Anyone remember those? A small plastic egg, usually attached to a keychain with a virtual “pet” that needed to be fed, and taken care of, otherwise they “died.” Needless to say mine didn’t last very long, I don’t feel that electronics should take priority to human-interaction, and my schedule simply did not mesh with the virtual feeding and playing of my pet.

    They were a crazy in my circle of friends, and I was late in catching on. I’ve always been one of the last to see the awe in life-replicating virtual spaces (I’ve always wondered why people don’t just make their real lives more exciting, so they don’t need to spend time inactive in front of a computer). However I am quite impressed at the detail and work that has gone into SL and it is an ultimate social science’s science project. Learning what people do with their characters and time on SL fascinates me more than touring the actual space. It seems that when people have the opportunity to project themselves differently, they often do, and noticing those differences and what drives users to act differently in this virtual world then they would in real life takes the cake in my books.

    Comment by kelboa | November 9, 2008 | Reply

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