Intro to Networked Collaboration


This is the second time this has happened where I write a post and press publish and voila, nothing appears on the blog and everything is lost.  Really boring!

Anyway, Kelley and I did our Skype meeting. It was pretty tedious getting started cause Kelley’s invitation was somehow blocked on my acct. I tried and tried to look her up etc etc and it said she didn’t exist. She did exist, she had just been blocked. So, the message was not quite accurate. That is a long story, but eventually I figured it out.

We talked about Rhizome and also about the need to check multiple networks to hear from everyone. We also tried Twiddla whiteboard. I would like to learn how to upload docs. I admire and was envious of Berry and Erin’s screen shots, and all the stuff they did on Skype, but I know my learning style and know I would never be able to figure that out in the privacy of my own home!

Anyway, the video is fun. I like watching people’s facial expressions and it opens up all kinds of new threads for conversations that don’t happen on the phone. In business though, I would rather have the privacy of the phone since I often pull faces and make gestures etc etc when people are talking to slow or saying silly or mean things. Anyway, more later. Wrote a lot this afternoon, but can’t repeat it now.


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  1. I really enjoyed our conversation about the Rhizome article. I was somewhat skeptical and thought conceptually the Rhizome mimics sensationalism, and it was great to actually speak out thoughts back and forth with someone else who has read the piece.

    Josephine, in the future it would be great for direct video presentations between you and the students, or more interaction early-on in the class through skype and video. I’m a person that demands engagement from the people I converse with, and online courses are still difficult for me to actively participate with the same enthusiasm.

    Anyways, the Skype mishap Brett and I had was very strange, a bug I have not yet come across with Skype. I sent an invitation weeks ago, and perhaps it was accidentally blocked then. The frustration reminded me how far we actually are in distance, for when people need to get in touch when technology fails.

    Brett and I did not have time to get through the conversation we wanted to have and into networked collaboration, so after we finish discussing articles we enjoyed from the course, we will provide screen shots and our visual presentation on this blog. stay tuned. 🙂

    Comment by kelboa | October 28, 2008 | Reply

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