Intro to Networked Collaboration


I did a video skype meeting with Stacey.  It was fun. We had some initial trouble getting Skype to work, but then it was all smooth from there.  We also had a little delay being on the same page due to time zones (6 hour difference), but from my perspective, that’s no different from using the telephone.  We showed each other our physical environment, discussed the school, & all these new social processes, talked about some of the readings, the future of these processes.  I learned about the “capture screen” function on my computer. We discussed the level of self-consciousness that the process engenders–it’s like having a conversation with someone in the physical, but watching yourself in a mirror at the same time.  

We also discussed the concept of privacy and how it relates to these kinds of communicating.  Another friend of mine later pointed out  that, similar to what Rheingold pointed out in the early readings, these technologies are being driven by a teenage population, who feel secure exchanging information with strangers from a physical environment that they really don’t control (their parent’s house), and finding control in their “independence”  in these social networking environments.

I enjoyed the video chatting process and will do it again.  The hardest part is convincing  your friends to download skype!  Using Skype is more like using the telephone, whereas Seesmic operates more like email, which is nonintrusive and and a message can be left and received at any given time in the future.  Skype is also a pure joy, because, here is something social you can do across the seas for free!  Not many technologies can boast that!  


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