Intro to Networked Collaboration


One startling thing about the skype conference with Stephanie was the immediate feeling of the energy flow. How a simple thought would create another; questions that ask for real time / immediate answer would provoke more questions, thoughts, ideas. Being forced to be spontaneous can be pretty energyzing (my experience).

I’m re-reading the Oosterhuis: Hyperbodies text, and I’m surprised how often I find REAL TIME mentioned there. Organization of input into the data base, seeing as action in real time; a building that wants to be experienced real time, like a constant flow of constantly changing information, a sensorial being that cannot be analyzed through a static picture …

I think (and we talked about this in the skype conference) that the ‘newer’ social networking software tools, like twitter or facebook, ask for real time use (like text on the phone – you can’t write back 2 days later), whereas blogging, almost an old-fashioned tool now, is slowing down, or delaying a communication process that has the appearance of being immediate.

I’m often getting excited about class readings (like those on The Participatory Challenge by Trebor Scholz, or the Muggles) – but I realize that blogging – posting AND commenting – doesn’t create the same excitement and exchange that I had in the conference when we discussed the texts. And I love to blog.

I’m trying to find a way that creates the most possible immediacy, and I have fun experimenting with the new tools that we’re tought right now (even if I’m slow using them, personally). It’s like a playground …


October 25, 2008 - Posted by | communication process, Skype

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