Intro to Networked Collaboration


Rohit and I discussed politics in a networked world, particularly touching on the effects or influences it has had on most recent elections. We also discussed the ‘texting tribe’ and the generational & cultural gaps developing through the enlargening of the ’smart mob’; such as the changing definitions of common courtesy based on these new technologies that keep us connected at all times.

It was very interesting to me to discuss politics in the US considering I live in Norway now… and of course that led to a discussion of how amazing it is that we now have this ability to see one another in real time and talk for free across the world. I look forward to our discussion on Sunday! And I have posted two pictures on Flicker of our conversation… it’s funny cause you can see that I was on facebook at the same time! :o)


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  1. It was definitely a lot of fun to talk to Hannah over skype. We began to talk about social networking tools and the impact on U.S. politics and the way that people worldwide use networked tools to share their political views on blogs, facebook, seesmic, youtube, skype as well as other tools on the internet. This has allowed a wider array of options for people to get information on politics and world events. This has resulted in more diverse viewpoints being represented and more information for people to base their social and political views on. This has also resulted in the sharing of these viewpoints through networked dialogue in a more realtime manner. We don’t have to wait for the evening news broadcast to be told what to think. There are numerous broadcasts, news, and opinions that are being uploaded to the internet at all times through many different mechanisms. This is really for the better, and has resulted in a more truly global perspective as learned through my dialogue with Hannah. More to come later!

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