Intro to Networked Collaboration


So Andrea and I did the whole skype thing the other night. I for one am still REALLY not into the whole talking via video. I never know what to say. Then again I am not really one for talking a lot ither so I sometimes ponder why I even own a cell phone. HA.

So anyways…we did the whole skype chat and talked about some of the readings the ones we liked the things we liked about it and what knot. The whole expirence was still really weird to me. Again not really one for talking a lot.

After trying to figure out why I could not see Andrea she had discovered the problem was that her photobooth on her mac was open and it was using the camera.

There is something about video chatting that makes me feel weird. I dont know if it is because I feel awkard doing it when my roommates are around, or that there is no privicy unless you put headphones on, but the whole thing is REALLY weird.

On the plus side we had both found out that we have this intrest for art and photogrpahy which was really cool…and I got to see her baby and hes REALLY cute.

But yes the whole thing was a bit weird only because I don’t like to video chat and I don’t like to talk.


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  1. I was, personally, very energized and motivated after the video conference with stephanie; I tried to think about the reasons and will do an extra blog entry for those thoughts (‘the real time experience’).
    maybe it was also the little bit of ‘unprofessional’ approach – my baby crying in the background, he wanted to be in the conference as well ;), my video problems that I had never experienced before, personal talk and introductions before getting to talk about class stuff, maybe weird feelings towards video … which I all see as very important. we got to the point where the networking takes place (discovery and exchange on common social/photo interests), and that is what I see as the essence of all those efforts … so to me the skype conference was an overall positive experience.

    Comment by andrea | October 25, 2008 | Reply

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