Intro to Networked Collaboration

Reading: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

This was an interesting and thought-provoking read. It truly makes you aware of the new power that the consumer has to access movies, songs and entertainment that was not so easily accessible to us before. The way Amazon recommends items similar to what you chose certainly is revolutionary – from the consumer’s perspective as well as from a marketing perspective.

While in the past, we watched blockbuster movies that made the cut with critics and the box office because that was all we were exposed to, we can now look for remote directors in different parts of the world, not just Hollywood. A few weeks ago, I rented the entire Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter from Netflix. I watched it when I was very young and wanted to watch it again and typed it in thinking I woudn’t find it but there it was.

In music technology, the revolutionary Pandora is my mainstay. For those that don’t use it, go to It’s called the music genome project. You can log on and create your own radio channel by typing in a song you like. Pandora then chooses a range of songs and artists to go with that genre and starts streaming it for you. So while you are listening to songs you like and know, you’re also listening to songs you are likely to love because they are similar to what you like already. If you like the song, you can click on it for more information and even buy it. I have created 4 different channels so I can click on each one according to the mood I’m in and it just plays. You can also download Pandora to your i-Phone.


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