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Smell the Future?

I came across an article in Adbusters Magazine that stated the Got Milk Campaign sponsored adds at bus stops in San Fransisco that released the smell of chocolate chip cookies to attract people’s attention. I guess they also had aroma adds for the film Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Has anyone seen these?

This got me to thinking about ways in which smell could be incorporated with technology communications. I always imagine when I was younger that I’d live in a time where someone could share smells through a television or computer (good aromas- like the sweet smell of cactus in  Arizona when it rains, or a bomb cheeseburger!). Although this was childhood daydreaming, it is interesting to see what is successfully being done to incorporate increased involvement of human-senses that have been left behind during this technological surge.

I experienced my first “4D” encounter in California Adventures, the amusement park. On one ride they had things move against the seat to simulate critters scattering about in the 3D film. Also, there was a ride where people were suspended in front of a large video screen and California landscapes passed by. When fluttering over the orange orchards they released the smell of citrus on the ride.

It was especially interesting to me to hear about these adds that were using smell to project their product to massive groups. Challenging ways to relay information to large groups through communication.

Anyone hear of other ways touch, hearing, or smell have been used either in mass com or technological projects/gadgets?


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  1. this does not have anything to do with the got milk ads you are talking about but i have herd about them but have not see them. but someone at work was telling me about a chocolate AX spray that they are coming out with. i don’t know if this was a joke or not, but i thought it was funny and i should share. i guess there is a commercial along with this new chocolate ax sent and this guy eats his friend because he is made of chocolate or something. random i know.

    Comment by itsstephanie | October 24, 2008 | Reply

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