Intro to Networked Collaboration

Week 6: My reactions

Myspace, facebook, youtube, etc. are websites that changed communication as we once knew it. Some prime examples are mentioned in Danah Boyd’s speech. We don’t even need to talk to someone to know what is going on in their life. Yes it is true that people can choose the quantity of information that they share. However, these days more and more people feel free to post even the most personal information about themselves on the web. It reminds me a little of peer pressure. Everyone is doing it, so how can it be bad? Not only that, but these days we are all questioning whether this new phenomenon is the right way to go. Kids who are growing up in this era don’t know what life is like without these technologies because they have always been around. These days were are seeing more younger kids connect online. Why break up with someone in person when you can just instant message them? It makes things so much easier to do. We used to have to call people if we wanted to go out. Now, we can just send them a message on facebook. It’s also really easy to keep in touch with people this way.Β  If they’re on your friend list, you know exactly where to go to find them.

I remember when facebook was only available to college students. I was still in high school when facebook first came out. I think I was in my Junior or Senior year. I was very anxious to get one, but had to wait until I started college. Furthermore, when I finally got into college and made a facebook, it took no time before it was available to high school students and then eventually to everyone. I felt the same way as all the other college students felt. Facebook no longer seemed as special. On the other hand, when I read the part of the speech when Boyd writes that doing so might have been a mistake, I thought to myself that it seemed like it at the time. However, now it seems as if everyone got used to it. Another example was when news feed was added to facebook. At first people many were appalled by the amount of personal information that was thrown out there and received. But, if you really think about it, isn’t that the point of facebook? Now people love the news feed. It introduced a whole new level of communication making it easier for people to know what’s going on in their friends lives.

I just created a twitter account. In my opinion, it is pretty useless since I do pretty much the same thing on facebook. Perhaps if more people I knew used twitter, I would get more into it. However I showed this website to a few people and all of them told me that the website is pointless. What is so special about twitter?

Think about it. Is it better to have everyone know what you’re doing without telling them personally? If this is a good idea, why do we need a whole website devoted to status updates?

For now, it’s going to be my new little toy πŸ˜›

By the way.. I just wanted to share this website that my friend found online. It really shocked me. What will they think of next???

I will leave you all on that note.

Happy networking! πŸ˜‰



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  1. Hey, Rel – I was writing a comment explaining the affordances of Twitter but it became so extensive that I thought it might be easier to just make it a new post. So, have a look at Why Twitter? for some answers to your questions… πŸ™‚

    Comment by funksoup | October 16, 2008 | Reply

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