Intro to Networked Collaboration

Social Protocols, Tools and Methodologies…

James Highsmith’s reading on “great groups and the ability to Collaborate” speaks a lot of truth on how groups can be made more effective.  His statement comparing two ways of looking at an organization, one: “organization as machine” and second: organization as a “complex living organism.”   When organizations are viewed as a well-oiled machine that has to be kept running the same way, no matter what, collaboration becomes stilted and is less daring to take risks to reach desired end result.   A complex, living organism by its very nature grows and changes, goes through cycles.  It becomes ill and then returns to health.   The members of the living organism cooperate and try to find a balance so that the organism can function efficiently.

I’ve worked in a corporate educational environment for many years and have been to scores of technical meetings where it has been more of a joust to see who has the better idea or  berating someone who tries to think outside the box.   Needless to say, that group did not produce much innovation.


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