Intro to Networked Collaboration

Readings on collaboration Oct 11

The readings on JAD effectiveness in groups really start to speak to me.  This is the stuff I have been working with for more than 20 yrs.  Working with groups and individuals to discovery and design new products.

So, this all really addressed my many concerns about participatory and collaborative processes enabled by technology. There is still a distance to go to perfect this and make expectations for participants more understood. These readings I can employ in my current work, and I have shared them with colleagues.

The dilemma with asynchronous process is that you just can’t know about the quality of the participation like you can when you are in a group, or in a face-to-face depth interview or observation.  So far, the asynchronous participation on all these tools is unstructured etc, so we don’t get the same level of engagement from individuals on the network. Much of my work is ethnographic in essence, so it requires real observation, or participant observation, or other kinds of artifact collections from real life.

I particularly liked the reading about ego in collaboration by Alice Dragoon. That is a very real concern, particularly as I embark now on some inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaborations with people I don’t know well. I already have a taste that many if not most people are motivated by self-interest (in fact, that is what our culture has pushed on us the last 30 yrs at least), even though, I have found in collaboration that leaving ego behind makes for a much more gratifying and uplifting work experience when it can happen.


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