Intro to Networked Collaboration

Physical Interaction and Technology in a Cocoon?

In light of the readings I wanted to share this with the class. I thinks its amazing (although predicted) and it brings us back to the begining of the course with Reighngolds coverage of motion sensor technology. It also happens to coincide with my many acclaims in this course that technology is coming almost full-circle, engaging users in physical activity and human interaction again.

CNN (although I’m not a big fan) highlighted a story about a virtual reality “Cocoon.”  Using motion-sensative camera’s and a screen that surrounds the user 360 degrees, Cocoon is an interactive pod that a person can enter and physically engage with the interface. Anyone see Minority Report?!?

Well, the idea of people sitting in little pod’s living more fulfilling lives in captive isolation than outdoors is a morbid thought to me, however the tools this could provide in training, shopping, music, gaming, and all sorts of activities yet to be determined is damn exciting if I do say so myself…

Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think: NAU’s Cocoon


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  1. It’s an interesting concept, a new way of seeing and experiencing the world. I wonder what the applications could be for severely physically disabled persons, those that are mobility impaired. I imagine this could be a wonderful and different way to explore the world in ways they would not be able to do so in the concrete world. Or even to use as an enhancement to physical therapy, where a user who has very limited motion can be challenged to increase their exercise movements to gain access to even more of the virtual world.

    Comment by nancyajones | October 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’ve had a blast coming-up with ways this could be used. I didn’t think about your solution for the physically disabled, which I think would be a great therapy tool for both physical and psychological exercise.

    Perhaps it could be used for challenging hand-eye coordination, not only for physical therapy but training as well. tennis players for example, I’d imagine would benefit greatly form training programs in the cocoon (shall they make it spacious enough).

    Didn’t even think about it as a meditation chamber (I’d imagine people want to be outside anyways) but for people struggling with city life, I’m sure such pods will start emerging in cafe’s/public places for people to unwind, even with aromatherapy and babbling brooks in the background perhaps.

    I challenge the class to come up with the most unique and innovative way this “cocoon” could be used?

    Comment by kelboa | October 17, 2008 | Reply

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