Intro to Networked Collaboration

NancyAJones – Assign#1

YouTube is an example of a simple idea: make a movie, upload it to the net and wait for the reactions. And there’s always a reaction. What made YouTube a mind-blowing success is that they left their bandwidth open to anyone and everyone.  From the kid next door who wants to show off his bike tricks (to sometimes disastrous results), to the lip-synching Chinese Backstreet Boys, to the next aspiring
Robert Rodriguez.  YouTube has been a mostly no holds barred site (except for pornography) and that’s been its great appeal.  The lure of the site is that the commenting is as much a part of the video experience as watching the video.  You become part of the filmmaker’s experiment.  It’s global in the sense that a Japanese movie can be commented on by someone in Germany, or an American moviemaker can get kudos from an Indian viewer.  It becomes a global experience.  By “convergence culture” I think Jenkins is referring that YouTube brings people together from all over the globe to experience other cultures and points of view by way of an uploaded video.  One becomes a participant not just a voyeur.

I’ve discovered this personally with my wanderings on YouTube.  I enjoy watching other people’s creativity. It’s amazing what a person can do with a webcam, microphone and a bunch of personality.  There’s a certain attraction about being anonymous and still in full view of someone else.  I’ve used YouTube to learn Photoshop tips, have religious discussions, to laugh a whole lot and be once in a while be inspired to create (  I also just started getting into Facebook (Nancita Maria) which is more of a fun thing.  But as one of our classmates mentioned, you can get really get absorbed in the community as you catch up with what your “friends” are doing and try to keep them up to date with you.   I, too, did MySpace (theNAJzone) for a while until I got bored.  But I still have some funny movies I’ve gathered from the web.  My fascination with all these sites have been the ability to connect,  even if only once, with people and share ideas, stories and like interests.
I think one of the best outcomes of the new technologies is that people will no longer see themselves limited by the boundaries of location or social structures.  I hope that once day this technology will become very inexpensive and accessible to everyone.  From the poor man that will be able to enter the library and not have to wait an hour for a computer, to the villager in mountains of Peru taking a break from herding llamas to text from his portable wireless laptop, to the entrepreneur making available open source software to the masses.


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  1. I love your candor about all of the fiddling with this stuff. I know they have been talking for years about ‘passports’ or other some such to make logging in effortless and easy.

    The one thing about Youtube that is that I heard they actually own the copyright to the stuff posted there. So, the poster loses rights by posting. Also, Youtube of course are trying to sell ads based on other people’s creativity, so they may make money, but don’t have to share it with the posters. If a creator posts something that becomes the next Mickey Mouse in the popular imagination, what happens with the money? Anyway, that has not really happened yet, but it could.

    Comment by brettbarndt | September 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m curious about what you said about Youtube owning the copyright to videos posted there… I just read through their guidelines and terms of use and I couldn’t see anything to that effect. Does anyone know for sure? I know a number of people who would be extremely upset if they found out that they no longer own the rights to something they posted on youtube!

    Comment by smartscrutiny | September 14, 2008 | Reply

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