Intro to Networked Collaboration

SMS/ 3G/ Nokia

I was amazed to read about the way Japan has taken Cell phone usage to another level. Not so much with the texting but with the gaming communities built around it. Was a little confused with 3G technology. I’ve heard this word being used quite a bit with regards to the future of mobile technology but does anyone know exactly what it means?

I’m a huge fan of Nokia. I currently own an iPhone after decades of using Nokia and the truth is I actually prefer Nokia. The iPhone has great apps but the phone itself is bulky, texting is not as easy, and its very delicate. With my Nokia, I could text with my eyes shut and no matter what I did to my phone it would still work just fine.




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  1. Ha, i love my Nokia too, but unfortunately I got wind that the company is not doing very well at all in the market place. Haven’t followed up with that tip, but Mine is still up and running after years of battery and abuse!

    I inherited a touch ipod and use that for internet, music, ect and leave it behind most of the time since I Like participating more-so with the natural environment when I’m out of the house. And besides admiring what’s happening in the technological world of mobile-devices, I don’t feel participation should be obligatory. My friends have definitely learned not to expect virtual promptness out of me in the social world :D! (business is another story)

    Comment by kelboa | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks! Kindred souls lost in the natural world!

    Can anyone enlighten me on 3G technology?

    Comment by ayvak | September 10, 2008 | Reply

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