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Final Project and documentation

So here we are, the final stretch of our project that more than once seemed to be an almost impossible task.  It was a lot of fun, though problems and technical errors persisted throughout the whole process.  These setbacks came in all aspects of the procedure; starting with the posting of photos and being able to share them with each other, then progressing into the publishing of the film as we created it, and finished with the audio disappearing the day it was due.  But alas, here we are, and all has come together.

 When starting this project I was feeling a little intimidated, until I really delve into it.  The program was more familiar than I was expecting and the relative ease of navigating it was a pleasant surprise.  I had the most trouble with learning how to publish, share, and get to the right page to start editing.  Once I got to where I needed to be in order to put the slideshow together, I was ok.  I had to ask Tracy more than once, what the correct URL was.  However, towards the end of the project, I knew where I had to go and how to get there.

 Though our slideshow is a mash-up of pictures from both of our photo libraries, I feel, through the collective images and audio, we have shared more than just photos.  We share a piece and an overall excitement of ‘what a beautiful world’ this can be.  Though I haven’t been to the places and events Tracy captured, when I see them in the slideshow, I feel I am a part of them.  Through this, part of me has been there.  This is what I found to be the most exciting part, a piece of art that has beautifully summarized the wonder of not only what the eyes have seen, but what the heart is capable of experiencing.

 I hope you find this slideshow to be as inspiring as I have.

Tracy’s thoughts:

We chose to use a selection of personal photos for the project. Our first go around on Jumpcut proved a little difficult. We had spent a good amount of time organizing the flow of photos and then the link stopped working. We tried every avenue to remedy the problem but when we tried clicking on the link, nothing happened. Weirdly enough, only the first image was coming up in the public space but we were able to see the entire video in the edit mode. After emailing Jumpcut’s tech support and not receiving a reply, I thought it would be best to start all over again.

With all that behind us, we were able to create another video with audio that worked just fine. I think the idea behind Jumpcut is great, it serves two great purposes. First, it allows everyday people the chance to create “homemade” videos and add all kinds of fun effects. Secondly, you can collaborate with anyone on Jumpcut to mix up images/video and create a unique one of a kind piece of work. This would also be great for amateur film makers looking for a way to produce short films.

I had fun working with Jenn on this project and will definitely use it again.


May 6, 2008 - Posted by | final

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  1. Really glad that you guys persisted, worked through the technical mishaps, and conveyed your shared experiences. It really shows! Great images and nice use of transitions. ‘What a beautiful world’ was perfect for it – vignettes that make for a poignant, slice-of-life mashup. thanks!

    Comment by funksoup | May 15, 2008 | Reply

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