Intro to Networked Collaboration

Final Project: Musical Computer Collaboration

Well, I wasn’t able to secure a partner, so I spent some time improvising the past couple days and decided to collaborate with my computer to create random regenerations of past musical works.  It was an “exquisite corpse” of sorts with the computer audio software Propellerhead Reason.  I took a beat and a few melodies I had already created and randomly “re-grooved” and “re-generated” audio signals according to the softwares limits and presets to produce effectual communication.  The process is very variable but is controlled by increments and quantization of notes.  I had tried this before, but not to this extent.  I think the end product is a subtly interesting audio connection.  I included pictures on the slide to show the software programs presets and sequencer and was able to mesh them in jumpcut.


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Final Project and documentation

So here we are, the final stretch of our project that more than once seemed to be an almost impossible task.  It was a lot of fun, though problems and technical errors persisted throughout the whole process.  These setbacks came in all aspects of the procedure; starting with the posting of photos and being able to share them with each other, then progressing into the publishing of the film as we created it, and finished with the audio disappearing the day it was due.  But alas, here we are, and all has come together.

 When starting this project I was feeling a little intimidated, until I really delve into it.  The program was more familiar than I was expecting and the relative ease of navigating it was a pleasant surprise.  I had the most trouble with learning how to publish, share, and get to the right page to start editing.  Once I got to where I needed to be in order to put the slideshow together, I was ok.  I had to ask Tracy more than once, what the correct URL was.  However, towards the end of the project, I knew where I had to go and how to get there.

 Though our slideshow is a mash-up of pictures from both of our photo libraries, I feel, through the collective images and audio, we have shared more than just photos.  We share a piece and an overall excitement of ‘what a beautiful world’ this can be.  Though I haven’t been to the places and events Tracy captured, when I see them in the slideshow, I feel I am a part of them.  Through this, part of me has been there.  This is what I found to be the most exciting part, a piece of art that has beautifully summarized the wonder of not only what the eyes have seen, but what the heart is capable of experiencing.

 I hope you find this slideshow to be as inspiring as I have.

Tracy’s thoughts:

We chose to use a selection of personal photos for the project. Our first go around on Jumpcut proved a little difficult. We had spent a good amount of time organizing the flow of photos and then the link stopped working. We tried every avenue to remedy the problem but when we tried clicking on the link, nothing happened. Weirdly enough, only the first image was coming up in the public space but we were able to see the entire video in the edit mode. After emailing Jumpcut’s tech support and not receiving a reply, I thought it would be best to start all over again.

With all that behind us, we were able to create another video with audio that worked just fine. I think the idea behind Jumpcut is great, it serves two great purposes. First, it allows everyday people the chance to create “homemade” videos and add all kinds of fun effects. Secondly, you can collaborate with anyone on Jumpcut to mix up images/video and create a unique one of a kind piece of work. This would also be great for amateur film makers looking for a way to produce short films.

I had fun working with Jenn on this project and will definitely use it again.

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Last Minute: Need a partner for project.

I mistaked the times for the end project and missed out with my partners and now I need a last minute partner if there are any takers.  I’m going to get all my end done and just wait to hear back.

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Critique: (Learning to Love You More)

Learning to Love You More is an interesting juxtaposition between idea and collaboration.  What might that idea mean for someone else?  Where might this idea lead us?  Are some of the questions I feel that it is pointed towards.  Simplicity, beauty, and community are three words that come to mind to describe this online artistic cooperation.  Someone posts an assignment, whether it be repairing something that they would normally not repair, or mapping the backyard with a field guide, and other users complete the assignment and post on it.  It’s an instant connection between people and art and the good of both

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Critique: (Disparate Bodies, Modern Musical Networking)

This was a networked collaboration of musical proportion dealing with modern communication and it’s devices.  It included a pianist with false quintet originated online, a group of pianists producing independent improvisation work, and a similar group producing frequency with laptops, and the viewer.  It was meant as radical collaboration forcing random and creative junctions otherwise delinquent from traditional performances.  It enabled real time manipulation by viewers to musicians and vice versa manufacture cultured randomness.  I thought the programme went well and was interested in the manipulation of the whole process, it was unexpected and un-parallel.

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Jumpcut Project (Sophie and Jeneration)

Sophie and I worked on the Jumpcut project together. We planned the project through chat and email. After batting around a few ideas, we decided to first lay the audio down, then mix video clips to it.

Using the Exquisite corpse model, we used variation: iv. Variation using sound: create a sound piece (or use one that you already have), upload a portion of the piece (a few seconds); the next person listens to that portion and adds to that; this process continues until finished.

Ours ended up being a pretty playful piece, and it was fun to find the clips online and have it come together. Here is the link:

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Event Critique: Trisha Brown: So That the Audience Does Not Know Whether I Have Stopped Dancing

This video ( was part of the exhibition titled: “Trisha Brown: So That the Audience Does Not Know Whether I Have Stopped Dancing”. On the evening of the event, people who were unable to attend in person were able to watch the event live via streaming video.


The video is of choreographer and artist, Trisha Brown, using her body to make a large drawing on paper. While I found it interesting, I must admit this isn’t exactly my kind of “art”. Tina uses different mediums such as pens, oils and charcoal to create her designs. She jumps around and writhes on the floor capturing her movements and that moment in time. It in some way it reminded me of Pollack. I find it pretty fascinating that we are able to watch and be part of her creative experience.


We may take it for granted at times, but when you think about how a simple webcast application such as the one used in this performance has allowed so many people to experience art and music, I’m reminded of just how far we’ve come.

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I went to 10 where people were allowed to submit questions to have the presidential candidates answer them via video or youtube.  The top ten questions were very diverse ranging from the legal use of medical marijuana to the transparency of policy to efficiently reach the media and American people.

Peoples’ web cams recorded questioners from their homes, which I thought gave the questions more meaning, because you could put a face and feeling with their concern.  Instead of it being a typed question on a page, it was a question spoken that could be visually identified with a problem.

Something I did not like about the site, is that many of the candidates did not post any kind of response.  Since this happened, it was hard to draw any educated conclusion, because there was so much missing information.  I liked the idea of the site, however, since it was lacking participants, I don’t think it’s very efficient.

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This video reminded me so much of those installations at MoMA that feature a lot of loud, crashing noises–girls smashing windows while looking angelic, a woman brushing her hair and making groaning noises, etc. I liked it very much, and was immediately drawn in when the words “Electronic Superhighway” appeared on the screen, because they so perfectly encapsulate the world of the internet, especially the aspect of streamed/streaming video. I loved the flashing images on the screen, and kept pausing it, trying to pick apart screen shots of computer programs that I recognized. I also found the video to be both sexy and of course, highly sexualized. If I had one beef with the piece, it would be that the background noise is a bit irritating, like white noise that’s been amped up way too high.

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