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Critique on TechPresident

I logged onto techPresident to check out the efficiency of the site and to become more informed of candidates and current affairs of the debate.  When I first logged on, I was actually confused of where to start and what resources were available to me.  There was a plethora of data and I definitely experienced information overload. This may have resulted due to my limited knowledge of the presidential debate and resources available.

The first source that was noticeably available was a live feed video coming from The Indianapolis Star, where Hillary Clinton was speaking.  Joshua Levy, a familiar name to all of us, was actually streaming this live and has commented on it. Then below this there is access to other articles, videos, announcements, and comments.   One problem I have run across is since I don’t know enough about the debate, I don’t recognize enough names, and so I don’t know how reliable the source is.

Though I was running into some small glitches because of my little knowledge, it has also helped me.  Not knowing much encouraged me to take a look at a lot of the resources available and get different sides of different issues for each candidate.  I also liked how it provided information on everyone, and it didn’t just focus on one candidate.  Other highlights of the site were the tabs at the top of the page enabling you to post or stream the live video to your myspace, youtube, facebook, etc. page.  The site also contained many links, archives, and other resources that would take you to different locations.  A final fun thing I would like to point out on the site is the ‘politickr’, which tracks the poll views’ from myspace, facebook, and youtube users.  Its fun.  Its set up like the ticker  on Wall Street.

Overall, I think this site is effective and provides a vast amount of information, though it will take a few minutes to get a handle on it.  Its user friendly, provides multiple media outlets, and appears to not be extremely bias.  I’m adding it to my bookmarks.


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  1. Hi, Jenn – Yes, it can be a plethora of data but I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it useful!

    Comment by funksoup | May 16, 2008 | Reply

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