Intro to Networked Collaboration

How collaborated work affects the author and audience

This mashup calls upon the author being more flexible about the interpretation of the material and to be open to the collaboration outcome and process.  Others’ input leads the project in a new direction, and gives it a different twist than what was originally planned.  Because this happens, the author needs to be open to flexibility, in order not to turn off the audience that is participating.  (This audience collaborating, is the one paying the money and contributing to not only the project, but also to the profits)

            This mashup gives the audience an opportunity to contribute to the creativity and production of the story and project.  Especially when they take on multiple experiences and media pertaining to the story.  However, if they do not take on all the different views of the project, but only one or two, they can become quite confused and lose out on the meaning of the story.  By missing out, they become turned off, because they don’t realize it’s a multi-project with audience collaboration.  


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