Intro to Networked Collaboration

Video meeting via Skype….sort of


Jenn and I were able to “communicate” today via Skype. Unfortunately Skype didn’t recognize my webcam. I was able to see and hear Jenn but she couldn’t see or hear me. My laptop doesn’t have a built in mic either. With that said, we were able to communicate via the chat feature.  Here’s the screenshot from our meeting.


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  1. Tracy and I tried to meet earlier this evening. We were definitely trouble shooting the whole time. We both have web cams and skype and tried to meet over that. However, Tracy’s skype was not working with her camera and audio system. She could see and hear me, but I couldn’t see or hear her. We were typing back and forth until she recommended I went to AIM and create a screen name so we could chat there. I did this, then AIM said I was registered but I wasn’t able to get on until I disabled my popup blocker. Tracy tried to guide me through this, but we couldn’t find the right place to go because she was guiding me from a PCs point of view and I have a Mac. We then went to the class blog and met on wordpress. As you can see this is a snapshot from our exciting meeting.

    Comment by jennstar13 | March 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. That’s too bad about all the troubleshooting but I’m glad you were persistent and still able to connect, at least via chat. Tracy – I’m surprised that Skype didn’t recognize your webcam – did you have any other application running that could have been accessing it? If so, that would probably be why. Jenn – you can run AIM directly through iChat on your mac. Just launch iChat and specify your AIM username.

    All that being said, it does take a certain amount of perseverance sometimes to learn and use these tools. Dealing with technology and especially network issues, can be frustrating. Murphy’s law (what can go wrong, will go wrong) usually applies and so I usually allow extra time in these situations. If you think something will take 1/2 hour, schedule an hour just in case.

    If anyone else is scheduling a Skype meeting like this and you want me to be online to help in case of troubleshooting, just let me know. I’m ‘danceinthesky’ on Skype.

    Comment by funksoup | March 13, 2008 | Reply

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